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  1. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    Thank you.(oh and the game was recently updated last December and it made the enemies more faster and respawn quicker in nightmare difficulty so it’s almost impossible to play rn, so I’m reallly not enjoying at the moment haha) Ahaha it’s alright, I just have crazy obsession with earning platinums and it’s only a really small community in the game so it’s really hard to find people who’s willing to help when it comes to games that are this difficult. and no this game was recently updated last December to make the enemies move way faster and respawn quicker that they originally were( at least on PlayStation I’m not sure if it’s the same for other platforms) I can only imagine, but I don’t remember struggling this much when I played it when I was small, and yep I only have to beat the first 3 episode of the game without the secret level. ohhh I see, I had no idea this was forum is only for PC custom mod players. When I first checked it looked like an open forum doom players in general. And noted I put my discord in open so people can trust me and not sound like I’m trying to scam someone haha !! But anyway thanks for the advices and the tips and everything really appreciate it everyone !! and this will be my last post on the forum. See yall later in another game even maybe.
  2. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    Noted !! (I have no idea how forums for so I’m really sorry for the inconvenience or any trouble I may have caused, I’m trying to figure out how I quote multiple posts as I’m trying this rn)
  3. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    Yes I’m only asking for help from someone only who’s willing to help me and actually good at this. Because god know how long I’ve been trying to get past E1 M5
  4. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    True, I love my achievement as it’s give me the satisfaction and the confidence to say “I completed the game” and each to their own so this is my thing you can check my PlayStation profile if you want - imtheGhostY
  5. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    Yes I did, and if that offended you I’m sorry. I’m mearly a “gamer” who just collect platinum trophies as hobby and play games that I love. And I love doom becuse it’s one of the game my dad ever bought me for the first time when I was little but I did not expect it to be this difficult.
  6. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    Yes the ps4 version, yes it’s a local CO-OP but thanks to PlayStation SHAREPLAY you can play co-op with pretty much anyone. So if you know any good doom players pls let me know. Thank you
  7. Imthe_Ghosty

    Help please doom 1993

    Hi there everyone, please forgive me I am new here and have no idea how forums work. Im trying to get a Doom 1993 trophy on PlayStation called “Not so bad” where I have to play the game on ultra nightmare difficulty with a co-op partner. And my head is hurting trying to get through the E1 M5. So if there’s anyone who’s skilled and veteran in the doom world and willing to help me pls let me know.