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  1. Osiriss1281

    Newbie Question

    Haha, wtf man i can run doom95.exe on winME, and the fucking original .exe's off shareware doom and doom 2 work fine too..
  2. Osiriss1281

    I dream of...Quake?

    o_O I like Q3/Team arena. Way more than Quake2 (quake2 = horrible SP. hated backtracking through old territory and shit) I don't care what anyone says, Q3 MP is fun even if the weapons are too balanced. Now to actually buy Team Arena...
  3. Osiriss1281

    Zdoom Question

    Ok thanks guys.. so it's basically like classic Doom hehe. (doh) Ok i have zDoom 122 here so I'll check that. ThankS
  4. Osiriss1281

    Zdoom Question

    How do I load up an external pwad. custom maps and stuff. There's no documentation with zdoom 123 =\
  5. Osiriss1281

    Share your Doom newbie experiences!!

    A friend and I were in a stealing phase (we were like 12) and we were at EB thinking how easy it is to nab those trading card game thingies from behind the counter.. Anyway we snagged descent shareware + doom shareware.. I ended up letting him keep the doom CD and made my mom buy me one (a cooler disc with maps of the levels and interviews and shit on it).. i never did buy registered doom i waited and got ultimate doom.. my first times playing were on the gateway 486dx with no mouse and no sound/music (well. i used the PC Speaker beep sounds). (none of this crap would work in dos.. i had fucked something up) But i still played it every damn day till the computer broke down.
  6. Osiriss1281

    Quake 2 for windows 95

    Are you tryin to say quake2 dont have coop?
  7. Osiriss1281

    what is it like

    Yea , looks like its ripped from one of the quake3world members. Unless you are that member..
  8. Osiriss1281

    ZDoom of PRDoom?

    So theres a chance that won't be taken as official?! Phew.. i shit a brick when i saw it, PRboom doesn't work too well for me ;-)
  9. Osiriss1281

    No Remorse

    Holy crap how could i never have noticed that slayer thing .. its like my 3rd fave slayer song =(
  10. Osiriss1281

    for those play q3

    And I suppose you could do a better one? lol.. sorry it just looked to thin and sounded like shit. But because i can't model for shit i guess i dont have a right to express my opinion. ;)
  11. Osiriss1281

    for those play q3

    The Generations Arena mod actually wasn't half bad. I expected Doomguy to suck... But they pretty much got the speed and rocket shit down, the single barrel shotgun looked wank though..
  12. Osiriss1281


    Yea i wasnt sure if you wanted it that way (it looks ok either way i think) Just tryin to help out ;) I can live with it :P
  13. Osiriss1281

    deathwarrior was RIGHT?!

    So what exactly does it make it do? Looks to me like its telling windows/browser to look for ugo's ad server on your computer (thus not finding shit to pop up) And how can i find out the advert servers of other sites so i can block it all and have that nice hosts file on a floppy after each format?
  14. Osiriss1281


    NP. Hmm blank? dunno i didnt edit it, but oh well long as the right ones work :P I just erased the white areas to transparent in Photoshop (sometimes it doesn't work it shows a no smoking sign hehe.. got lucky or accidently did something right this time)
  15. Osiriss1281


    yep css rules *now to get my doom site back up =\* Crendowing here i fixed hte transparenies so theres no white sparklies Here