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  1. Snafu

    Doom movie, The Rock, and all that

    I saw that too.Rock looks like he's lost some weight.He said the movie would be out in Augest.
  2. Snafu

    Gun Sounds

    Thank you,I just went and got fluffydoom3sounds,I'll load it up later I've got to take my dog out now.Again,thank you,there were a LOT of sound mods at that link,one of them has to be what I'm looking for.
  3. Snafu

    Gun Sounds

    Can anyone do something about those lousy gun sound effects.They sound like pellet rifles.I'd like my sub woofer to rock when I let loose with my 12 gauge.
  4. Snafu

    Classic colors mod

    Thank you for your work.I think it adds to the game.They look great.