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  1. Terra

    Why does my Doom 3 run slow?

    Unzip all the pak files into the base directory stops the sticking. Problem is they are huge when u unpack them. the reason for freezing is the game is loading the textures fromt he zipped files which takes longer than when files are available iunzipped. Backup everything before you do this though.
  2. Hi Managed to fix the light problems by downloading omegadrivers as opposed to detonators etc. The omega drivers fixed the lighting problem ut now the game crashes after 5/10 mins. Must say though the game looks amazing.
  3. Thnaks guys i will give the 44 drivers a try. I stopped the lights dissapearing by installing omegadrivers which are tweaked for you.. worked a treat at getting the lights to stay on. but now the game crahes to desktop after around 5 mins play. \\\gonna tweak some more. cheers
  4. Found something out i dloaded 3dmark3 and im getting 5 fps and an overall score of 256 for a nvidia Ti4200 8x agp. Can anyone explain this?
  5. Terra

    Doom 3 won't boot, and when it does it crashes

    Hi I got similar errors. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled a different set and it worked. Try that
  6. No Joy with 53.04 Have also tried StarStorm5672-XQ 62.11 Now trying 6140w2k_xp Specs: Athlon XP 2600 512Ram Nvidia TI 4200 128Mb VRam Sblive XP Home Dx9.0c If anyone can find a fix for this be much appreciated. I have found that turning ON all advanced settings in Doom 3 to on improves performace with this..weird..Antialisaing set to 4 in Doom3 seems best.
  7. Hi I have the exact same problem with the lights disappearing and all is dark. I have tried the following drivers and all have the same affect 61.77 - 56.64 - 61.36whql - 61.76. Going to now install your recc drivers and will feedback shortly.