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  1. CobaltX

    Graphic Tweak

    For me the best thing to do i think to tweak the graphics (as i couldnt play it on my machine on the highest setting) is turn the Quality setting to Low and Set The Advanced settings to all High and Vsync On. It looks exactly the same as it does normally with maybe a few more "jaggies" Also I dunno bout anyone else but my surround sound for Doom has a funny buzzing sound in the background and it aint on my end but anyhoo if u get same thing what to do is just turn it from surround to not. I know your not getting your full spec sounds but it also increases performance and if you have same prob as me it takes it away. If anyone knows how to sort Sound Buzz thats be kool :D
  2. CobaltX

    What is the funnest thing to do in Doom 3

    Lol Nice One The funniest thing id say wud be to really look at the Zombie guys with no jaw and say its not Terrance Or Phillip from South Park :P
  3. CobaltX

    Doom 3 SP Help

    Hey Doom Fans, Long time doom fan 1st time poster just saying Hi!. Anyhoo enuf of my life story. Ive tried afew websites but they seem to be scarce with walkthroughs. So i was wondering if anyone, who has played it thru, cud tell me how to get to the train that takes you into the cavern. I have got the train called as i watched it go into a black under-passage after i pressed a certain button. However i cant find a damned door that will take me down. I just keep gettin lost. Any help would be much obliged. Cheers P.s How many times have ppl jumped at this game? I think im on like 100 now jeez its scary :P