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  1. Zerofuchs

    How to have more fun in DooM??

    You sure it's not just UV fatigue? I dunno if you're the same but sometimes I find Doom frustrates me because I've been too proud to drop off the difficulty, even though literally nobody is watching or would know (or factually speaking, care lol). Sometimes one wants a challenge, sometimes one wants a similar experience but not as rough. Alternatively, if you're just off the game (happens for everyone I think), it'll still be the same old Doom when you get the urge to play again, and it's not like you have to be playing Doom at all times to enjoy the scene. If you're still feeling FPS, Mullet Mad Jack is fun, reasonably cheap, and shouldn't take long to beat.
  2. Zerofuchs

    maps you find too hard/unfair to revisit

    There are a few but spread across time and WADs enough that I don't really remember them outside of a sort of mental screenshot without metadata attached... I usually take the maps/WADs I consider excessively rough and use them as playgrounds for weapon mods or TCs that make regular gameplay a tad too easy. Sunder is far different an experience when you're playing through it with SWWMGZ (although, the lack of a tracer spawning weapon like the BFG in that arsenal does make some fights strangely harder, unless the mod's added that since I last pulled it). To explicitly answer the question with a map I consider to be unfair and cruel... Okuplok, because even with all the advantages of GZDoom and OP weapon mods, there are segments where your only real recourse is luck or Doom God tier skills. It STILL took me hours to beat, with Russian Overkill...
  3. Zerofuchs

    Most Hated Design Tropes in Wads?

    Make the map(s) that you enjoy first. Then take in feedback and make adjustments. In 99% of cases, if you just make something you personally like, at least a couple others should dig it too. As long as there's a reasonable degree of sincerity involved in creating it. Heck, even a shitpost can be good stuff if you're dedicated enough to the joke. Least that's the theory I'm going with for my maps lol. But yea, don't seek to avoid the distaste of others - seek your own flavour and revel in it. You can't please everyone.
  4. Zerofuchs

    Why are recent Doomworld threads stupid?

    I mean thinking back to the forums of yesteryear I don't really perceive all that greater a degree of dumbassery now than back on Gamespot in 2004, or your average 20 member PHP forum, or most IRC channels... although I'm talking more in general as most of my time around Doomworld has been that of a passive lurker. What you perceive I think is a different flavour of stupid from what you are used to, which is what I think generational incredulity is all about in the end. Every generation seems to struggle a bit with it. "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households." - (Socrates, supposedly, according to Plato, supposedly)
  5. Zerofuchs

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Man looking through this thread is inspiring in one sense but it also makes me question the credibility of my own maps even more... Currently working on Map07 of 9 of my maiden mini map mix. Bit slow going lately but the last day or three have had some progress - navigation complete, rough lighting pass in progress along with the first pass on detailing to make my rooms seem a little less abstract a kind of hell. Not even started on monster and item placement lol.
  6. Junkfood's already been recommended which is what I'd have suggested first and foremost. The older Slaughterfest packs might be a good option as well, I generally suggest SF2012 as a good balance between insane monster spam and player patience.
  7. Zerofuchs

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    I don't really consider them as a separate enemy from the Pinky, since they're just camouflaged variants with no alteration in behaviour or stats. Much like their brighter coloured cousin, their primary purpose is essentially that of a meat wall, but it's easy to overuse them in a way that makes fights a slog. From a personal perspective, assuming a "normal" map where a player is largely going to be using bullet weapons or fists to handle them, more than about a dozen in a single encounter can get tedious, particularly in a labyrinth. If we're talking more slaughtery type of scenarios, that's down to how many BFG balls or rockets you want to soak up before the player gets to the juicy centre of the monster blobs.
  8. Zerofuchs

    Hello! Converted lurker here.

    Distracted again this last week, X4 has utterly consumed my free time lately, along with the new Star Citizen patch providing many new avenues of complaint for the long suffering fan... so outside of some minor tweaks, a minor WAD breakage incident when I borked adding a custom texture, and a removal of custom textures from the WAD until I have textures worth the effort. Since I'm kinda incompetent artistically, I suspect there won't be many if any of those (unless I'm using a resource pack), although theoretically I could opt to go in for one of those Ribbicks type monocolour maps. How one can create so much style with such a limited palette continues to low key amaze me. So, a non-update, factually, alas. Do have some leave this week though so I plan on putting some fairly significant mapping time in.
  9. Zerofuchs

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    Hexen I've always enjoyed the flavour of but I do find the switch hunting mires it down a bit much for me to play through consistently. I've beaten it a few times when I was younger, if I remember right, but most of the time these days when I pick it up I'll end up doing the first 3 hubs or so then kinda dropping it. Hexen 2 I also dig for the more interesting puzzles and the maps are much cooler, but it's even more likely to wear away my patience before I finish a run. Edit: I will say that it has the only ultimate weapon I consider to be actively more effective than the BFG, the good ol' Wraithverge.
  10. Zerofuchs

    who here is excited for the next doom or quake game?

    Honestly... I've seen too many IPs go down in flames to not look at every new entry with a sense of trepidation. Especially as AAA gaming steadily tries to claim the throne of corporate bullshittery. VR might pick up again at some point in the next decade, the tech has advanced significantly and it's a lot less clunky than the old Vive these days. The economics make it difficult to get into for now, but I think it'll have another time in the limelight when things start picking up again. If that were to happen, maybe a good time for Doom or Quake to get a full on VR remake. Assuming I have the budget for a decent VR kit at that time. Outside of that, I'm mostly... fine with what's already out there, still having a fine old time with the good old games. And even the new ones. There IS a part of me that wants an official ending to the Keen saga, while we're vaguely on the topic of id games, but Keen mobile kinda evidences why I have concerns.
  11. Zerofuchs

    Hello! Converted lurker here.

    Update this week is... not much to update, didn't get a lot of mapping done. Did do a little work on ideas for a submission to the Doom Maximum community project, and wrote a little script to streamline doing demos with PRBoom (reads a JSON document and launches the game, restarts on exit and renames demos automatically until a max attempt threshold set in the config JSON is reached). Apologies if this seems a bit superfluous what with no actual update on the mapset, but these posts are also a bit of a personal way to keep myself focused on getting the maps done - as one might guess, I am highly distractible.
  12. Zerofuchs

    Did anyone ever actually use these strange joysticks?

    Nope, only ever used joysticks for flight sims. Considering that Doom is fairly tolerable for a shooter on dual analogue thumbsticks, might be okay on Joystick. If you've got no Z axis for twist, then you could have two joysticks and assign triggers and HATs to actions. If you have a twist axis, then you've got everything you need to control Doomguy in one hand. After seeing a dude playing through Doom 2 and multiple map packs using nothing but mouselook movement and no strafe, I know you can theoretically complete most commercial maps and a fair number of custom maps with nothing but a trackpad... if you're patient enough. Wouldn't try it single segment.
  13. Zerofuchs

    What are you playing Doom on these days?

    Eh been a while since I waved my specs around... bit moot really since even GZDoom runs fairly fine on even 10 year old business laptops, but the main devices I run it on these days: Key specs, when the electricity is on: AMD Ryzen 7900 64GB DDR5-5600 AMD 6600XT 8GB Dell 1440p 27" @ 165hz 1TB Evo 970 When the power's out, there's the Switch port (surprisingly tolerable for a tiny screen + thumbsticks) and my old HP Elitebook with an early gen i5 running Ubuntu. Intel HD4000 iGPU I think? Good enough for regular GZDoom, PRBoom, etc. but it struggles with Supplice or other GZDoom derived full games for some reason. Probably because it only goes up to GL1.2
  14. Zerofuchs

    Hello! Converted lurker here.

    General update: Map01-05 in stasis Existing Map06 moved to slot 8, initial rough layout of new Map06 done Fair amount of progress on Map07 but still not yet at fully playable. Not even all that huge a map, but like any good penultimate map I'm trying to make it stand out a bit more. Map09 aka the secret level... trying to figure out whether I want to go silly gimmick, overwrought labyrinth, or plain ol' slaughter.
  15. Zerofuchs

    How do I git gud?

    I'm very off/on with things, so I'll tend to not play Doom for months on end while other things engage my interest (currently, X4 and making my mini map pack). I've found that, as with most things, regular practice helps. Certainly irregular play results in many skill growth setbacks as the rust needs to be blown off repeatedly. The other thing is... you need to learn the game a bit, not just intuit your way through. Targeted practice of weak skills for example (I still fail regularly at dodging Revenant rockets despite having faced tens of thousands of them by this point). Watching other players does help somewhat, although you can only learn so much through osmosis. Watching specific guides can help a lot. One could even use SLADE or UDB to make some simple practice arenas - like a Pinky Punching Pit, or a Revenant Rocket Room. Since you record videos already, you can use those as a form of self-analysis. Figure out your weak points from where you most struggle in the footage, and work on those specifically. Of course, simply throwing yourself at an extra challenging WAD will improve your skills, a particularly notable case of this is Decino throwing himself at Sunlust. But that requires a degree of toleration for frustration which may defeat the purpose of playing in the first place. The sense of achievement afterwards can be notable, but the gauntlet of a mega-hard map pack may also put you off Doom entirely for a while. Multiple have been suggested at this point, but personally I favour Scythe quite a lot, I'll also practice SF2012 a bit when I want to gear up for a slaughtermap. That said we each have our talents, including as a Doom player, and to improve beyond a given level will give you diminishing returns on effort - pace yourself to keep it fun, take a rest when you feel like your skills are backsliding, because while growth is admirable as a goal - seeking it beyond one's natural limits requires a determination to keep at it even when it stops being fun. Much like any other regular hobby.