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  1. Plasmaburst


    Yeahh, Im making a "mysterious cities of gold" episode for Doom II (stone colussos). I've done the levele allready, took some time /yeah) .. I need to know How to pput this music in? How Do I do? It will be a very, very interesting episode.! http://mcog.bkernst.net/downloads/soundtrack/the_olmecs.mp3 I must know! Let's cut the crap? I've been working on this shit for 6 years now. It's exactly as MCOG, I just need to fix the music so I can release it, how do I do? Zdoom, fucking? http://mcog.bkernst.net/downloads/soundtrack/attack_of_the_fort.mp3 6 fucking years, please, what do fucking do? I need to put this music in to the game.Itäs a DOOM II conversion (atleast that what is was called back in 98.) Howq? please. I http://mcog.bkernst.net/downloads/soundtrack/the_olmecs.mp3 This I want. Show me. I am Doom.
  2. Plasmaburst

    Join Team Visplane Overflow!

    Cars in Doom? Hair and saliva in my beer`What is this? Cars in Doom? O shity. man
  3. Plasmaburst

    Do you believe in the supernatural?

    Supernatural, do you mean like Super Mario? I saw a koopa once, it looked kinda pixelated but I know what I saw and if you don't believe me, then go to hell! lael
  4. Plasmaburst

    What music do you listen to?

    80's Heavy/Black/Deathmetal Neofolk(or what the hell it's called, Death in june, current 93 etc..) ...and of course MURDERMETAL! :)
  5. Plasmaburst

    Voice Actors / Voice Sounds Needed

    I sound like Duke Nukem, I'd be glad to help.
  6. Plasmaburst

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    My father played Doom and he let me watch while he played. hehe that was friggin'scary , I was 9 years old back in 93. So many memories :)
  7. Plasmaburst

    Doomers by Location

    Some Universe [**]Milky Way [***]Earth [****]Scandinavia [*****]Sweden [******]Järfälla [*******]Berghem
  8. Plasmaburst

    Doom face at beginning?

    yep, but it's not listed there.
  9. Plasmaburst

    Doom face at beginning?

    Ok, I think this is an easter egg. When you start a new game, just before (or was it after) the ID logo appears, you can spot the (picked-up-BFG-smile) Doom guy's face in one of the blue flashes. I haven't been able to record it because it's too damn fast. Perhaps Im just insane, but it's still worth further investigation.
  10. Plasmaburst

    finished map

    Sorry, got it to work now. thanks
  11. Plasmaburst

    finished map

    I recently finished my map, where can I get it hosted? How do I upload it to doomworld? thx
  12. Plasmaburst

    Phobos Revisited available for download

    Looks awesome. Need some inspiration for my own map :)
  13. Plasmaburst

    Back in the days of Dos ...

  14. Plasmaburst

    Need more music

    Anyone know of any Slayer -angel of death converted to midi? Well, any slayer would do! If im not mistaken, behind the crooked cross is in e3m3.
  15. Plasmaburst

    Doom builder question

    Ah ok! Now it makes sence. BTW I have another question: How come I can't use sky1 , sky2 and sky3 as ceiling/floor textures? They're only available as wall textures.. thx