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  1. Ravey

    How would you improve Doom?

    Floor stickiness factor for better movement on stairs Reduce the size of the rocket's bounding box
  2. Ravey

    The Great Immersion Debate

    Immersion is an unclear term. This thread seems to be more about suspension of disbelief than immersion. In the 80s, arcade games were considered immersive because they were physically and mentally taxing to play. Skill-based games are intrinsically immersive because they require quick reflexes (hand-eye coordination) and reasoning (spatial reasoning, resource management, puzzle solving) in order to proceed. In the 90s, immersion came to refer to two kinds of games: Games that required the use of your eyes and ears ex. Doom, Thief Games with immersive 3D environments and sound ex. Myst, Half-Life Most modern games aren't as demanding of your reflexes, senses or reasoning; so in that respect, they're less immersive.
  3. STRAFEĀ®'s speedrun zone released
  4. Ravey

    Need original script/def files (2.75mb)

    Are you sure? I'll make a backup copy incase to test it... Edit: Fixed it, just a few modified script files...
  5. Ravey

    Need original script/def files (2.75mb)

    "I guess I forgot to make a mod folder for it." I am such a fool. :P Guardsentry is contained in PK4 files named Pak001.pk4 and Pak002.pk4, slightly more complicated... I might try installing GuardSentry 2.5 since that might have solved the problems that it caused in single player... Problems I have noticed: First sentry to see in the base is in wrong position and disappears. The second sentry that leads you isn't there. The sentries are spawned from grenades, so I can't have simple grenades anymore. :( Also: I fear that the demo won't include the AI files for the enemies that aren't enountered in the demo.
  6. Ravey

    Need original script/def files (2.75mb)

    Unfortunately, I don't have the CD with me (My sister's boyfriend wanted to test it on his 6600GT, which beats out my GFX5200). I guess I might either wait until I can get it off him or see if the demo has the files I need. Thanks anyways. :)
  7. Sorry if this sort of request isn't allowed but I'm having trouble with my game. I installed Guardsentry 1.0 awhile back and when I started playing Doom 3 again I noticed that some of the AI changes effects parts of the game involving those characters. I guess I forgot to make a mod folder for it. If anyone can help, I would like the script/zip files zipped up (Around 2.75mb) and uploaded or sent to me if possible. Or just the files altered by GuardSentry 1.0 Thanks to anyone that might be able to help me out here. :) Note to mods: I didn't think this post was exactly technical, but if I'm wrong hopefully a mod can move this to wherever it should be.
  8. Ravey

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    I haven't been a big doomer until recently. I wasn't really a doomer when I had the dream.
  9. Ravey

    When I go to sleep at night, I see Doom!

    I had a dream sort of related to Doom 3 before I got the game. I hadn't seen most of the enemies so in my dream, somehow I imagined an enemy being a headless small turkey (reference to Half Life creatures maybe?). Kinda weird, I was at school in the dream too.
  10. Ravey

    Do Monsters in Doom 3 Fight each other??

    Yeah, even if he doesn't step on them, they die from splash damage. Strange... I spawned like 20 teammates against the Cyberdemon and he just walked round crushing them all.
  11. Ravey

    What if? [noclip cheat]

    Yeah, and the computer Betruger is working on has something about the discovery of the soul cube, but you can't interact with the computer.