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  1. JavaGuy

    A furry mishap

    Alright, so here I'm going to apply no experience, but just the same twisted logic I do with everything, on the furry fetish. Growing up, most kids watch cartoons, and this continues even into adult life for some people. Most cartoon characters are anthromopic animals, something a kid can deal with. They communicate information like people, but they're generally cute and harmless looking. Because these fuzzy guys represent real people in comical situations, it's not uncommon to have the 'hot chick' character, ya know, a furry with big boobs. So the kids don't really get this at first, except that it's funny. After all, they're not yet controlled by raging hormones. This changes as the kid starts to grow older, but he's still watching cartoons. Eventually, the link between the furries and sex is connected. The person isn't really changed by this aside from his/her strange fetish, which isn't even as strange as some. Therefor, it's not really a bad thing, just one of those things that happens that no one can help, and there's no point in trying to help it either. That's just my take. Anyone else have any other ideas on it?
  2. JavaGuy

    It;'s soaporific!

    Ah, right... the backround. I had planned on taking that out in the final copy because I had started it but I didn't think it was good enough to finish, so I scrapped it. Also, I got lazy on the bottom of the marine, so it looks like crap. As of now I'm drawing sketch ideas for the DoomWorld characters for the cheap DoomWorld based comic I had planned on doing but never really got up and running 'till now. So far I've got DoomBoy, Ravage, DSM, Archvile64, and myself. They're a little cartoony (not anime, just not terribly realistic looking), but it's not an overly serious comic, so it's fine by me. If I ever find a working scanner, I'll post em.
  3. JavaGuy

    It;'s soaporific!

    The title's got nothin' to do with the thread. Anyway, I drew this pic over a month ago, and I was pretty impressed. Took me something over two hours, but the problem is that my friends scanner buggered it up. There's a bunch o' lines on the side, and it reall fucks up the picture. But since I'll never have access to a working scanner for the rest of my life, I'm posting the butchered version up anyway. http://www.deviantart.com/view/1012729
  4. JavaGuy

    Making the ultimate Doom 3 PC

    Alright, I hope you're listening because I've got this to say. I found something called the Sonic Aviator. It's the Area 51 laptop under a different name from Hyper Sonic pcs. Provided you get a silver casing rather than a color one, it'll cost -at least- $200 less. I'm getting one for Christmas. I don't remember the exact site, but I'll give it to you next time I go on there.
  5. JavaGuy

    Weapon system in Doom 3

    Here's the thing: HALO was an awesome game, it I liked it so much that it was hard to point out anything bad in it. And I actually loved that weapons system. However, it worked for that game because it was an all out war. If you ran out of ammo you looked for another weapon on the ground. Doom isn't like that. In Halo, you picked up whatever gun served your purpose, and it when it ran out you looked for the next best gun. In Doom, you've got your guns and you decide what ammo to expend in what situation. What I'm trying to say is that Halo had a good system, but it just wouldn't work in Doom's genre.
  6. JavaGuy

    New Lightwave image (remade)

    Very sweet picture man. I really like it. I mean, I might have to put it up as a background. I don't know how hard stuff like that is with whatever program you use, but I think it's actually very doomish. It gives me something of an episode 2 feel. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  7. JavaGuy

    Naughty Doomworlders.

    I haven't. I'll admit that doesn't mean I wouldn't, because I've got warezed games to be sure. But with Doom, I just went out and bought collectors edition and that was that. Doom 3 I'm buying though, because I want the full effect of it. I want to rub the box A OVER MY BODY! I want to stick.... oh, wait... never mind. I'm just going to buy it.
  8. JavaGuy

    Books (The ignored)

    The Xanth series, and Douglas Adams books.
  9. JavaGuy

    Hilarious article of the day...

    Let's put it this way. All the bad shit in cigarettes has to go somewhere, right? It doesn't stay in the cigarettes appearently, and with filtered ones, a lot more of it gets put in the air. So the right to smoke cigarettes is put to an end when it hurts others that don't want to be hurt. That doesn't seem so wrong does it?
  10. JavaGuy

    Hilarious article of the day...

    Second hand smoke isn't crap. It's real enough and it can really hurt you being around smokers all day your whole life. That being said, I don't care what people enjoy as long as it doesn't affect me, as long as I'm not in the room. No I don't think they should take away the freedom of smoking if people want to do that, but I don't think it's bad if they just have to go outside or something to smoke. Then again, aws are getting more strict, trying to get rid of smoking all together. Maybe it's not that bad. I can understand how most of you don't think smoking is so horrible, but I know a lot of people 40+ who said smoking was the worst thing they ever did. But don't take it from me, take it from them.
  11. JavaGuy

    New to the forum

    Greetings. Despite the fact that we've got some weird people, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, provided you don't piss the mods off. I myself post every so often, but not usually anything important. Anyway, the important thing is to have fun, ya know?
  12. JavaGuy

    Question you'd expect from me

    Foxususes are pretty common around here. We found one dead and burried it in my yard. I've got the tail (it appearently had just died.) And I've seen a few live ones walking around the banks of the river. Pretty cool. But man, those deer look like they could kick the shit of of those foxes, even though I still think the little fuzzy guys are cooler.
  13. JavaGuy

    Question you'd expect from me

    Personally, I don't see me as being seperated from any of them in the first place. We are all dirt with electrical impulses, and hopefully a soul of some sort. I get along with dogs, real well, but I realize the health benefits of a cat (their purr heals bones, you know). I can't say one specific animal, though I do know they piss me off less than people.
  14. JavaGuy


    I don't feel liks searching throughout the pages to figure out what this shizzo is. can someone give me the lowdown?
  15. JavaGuy

    I'm looking for Doom comics!!

    Aw man... every time I read that I laugh my ass off. I can't decide what the funniest thing is, but I like the part where he goes from the plasma gun room to the barrel room in one page and states "Wow! Now I'm in a completely different place!"
  16. JavaGuy

    ...What a Peculiarly Anomaly-like week...

    Geeze man, that's rough. I do agree that driver penalties should be severe. They pretty much killed a living creature (the dog), and someone is in a hospital now to. Why the fuck can't people learn to drive?! And the fact that your house is being emptied... man. Just make sure no one gets your computer! It is life! Well, unless you happen to be an outdoors kinda guy, then I guess it doesn matter. Still, that's wierd man. Hope things get better.
  17. JavaGuy

    Spawning Stuff?

    I'm not a mod of this forum, nor am I sure if this subject of your is appropriate, but because Alpha Doom is not even supposed to be out and many people are rather unhappy about it, it's probably not a good idea to ask questions like this. Observing the game is okay, but let's save these such things for the real game, eh?
  18. JavaGuy

    Doom fansite needs staff!

    I'd help with DoomWorld too, if anyone ever asked... but they don't so it's all pretty trivial.
  19. JavaGuy

    Doom fansite needs staff!

    I'd be glad to help staff. I'm not busy.
  20. Recently, I realized a few things that's help my drawings improve by 25%. Unfortunatly, this was not within that time period. However,t his only took me a few minutes to draw during class. It's my friend Killa (with a goatee, though he has none. What the hell is my obsession? Maybe I'm gay?! Ok, maybe not). He's a Doom mastah and I have respect for him when it comes to computers. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/858488 [edit]@#%!. There seems to be something wrong with the picture.[/edit]
  21. JavaGuy

    Shit-tastic in just three minutes!

    If I drew at home, I might be able to draw nicely, but I don't have a good place to draw. I don't have any desk for it, my drawing surface is a clipboard I found a while back, and I use printer paper because I've never owned a scetchpad. I probably ought to one of these days.
  22. JavaGuy

    Interesting DOOM 3 discovery (spoiler alert)

    dsm is right. At first I really didn't think that the leak would affect anything much. But as much as the real version will be so much cooler, it's sad. I mean, I imagined that (since I'll have my new laptop before then) that most members would get the game at about the same time, and we'd all gossip and drool for days talking freely about every aspect of the great game. Now this affect will certainly be muffled because some of you have already seen some things and put them out... sad...
  23. JavaGuy

    he was right!!

    Yeah, provided you know a little about how the gameboy works, you could buy blank cartridges (a little expensive I hear, but my friend fit 200 games on just one) and make your own games.
  24. JavaGuy

    Shit-tastic in just three minutes!

    There are reasons it took so short a time to draw: I'm familiar with the scale of the body (as in, it's not a close up or wierd persepective drawing). the hair is something I'm very familiar with: Real sloppy and messy, like mine. Killa's got shorter, neater hair with gel in it. I drew the nose big so it looked different from my normal character though, and the eye is really just a line with a dot. Not detailed, but appropriate. the armor is shit-tastic, and the shotgun... looks flat and two dimensional. The zombie is just something I added there afterwards in a few seconds. It's got a flipper for a hand! Other than that, the reasons it was a quick drawing speaks for itself. Oh, and Ravage, my scanner broke long ago. Now I just have my friends scan thing for me. Usually, it takes them about three weeks before they get around to it (I got my Doom Girl picture back after a month). One of them still has some decent pics I wanted to post here, but she'll never get around to actually sending them.
  25. JavaGuy

    Your name?

    Most of you probably already know that my name has nothing to do with addictions to a certain caffinated drink, but rather the programming language of the same name. I really haven't done anything with it in a while, since I don't have any supporters for any projects. Oh well.