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  1. AllenB

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    The hub system was a good concept... It served no real purpose since one large map would do the same thing, but it was well executed. It felt like the future at the time.
  2. AllenB

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    It gets better as it goes so you have to ask someone who's finished it. The first hub doesn't leave a good impression if you've only half done it, so I'm sure that's where alot of people stopped when they found it too hard.
  3. Yes, that was it Thanks so much.
  4. I get a console message when starting up several wads.. R_InitTextures: The file [file name and path] seems to be incompatible with "The Ultimate DOOM". R_InitTextures: 288 errors The command line is.. dsda-doom -iwad doom.wad -file wadname.wad
  5. Will 2002 A Doom Odyssey - 10th Anniversary Edition run on Doomsday? I've tried replacing the standard WAD, and making a new profile. I hear it needs a Boom compatible sourceport..?
  6. AllenB

    2002 A Doom Odyssey on Doomsday

    Now that I've taken the time to cover a handful of levels in 2002, I'm liking it. Professional feel, background tracks, good level sizes. I like the gameplay.
  7. AllenB

    Does anyone still use dosbox?

    I use dosbox for a few things, but not for Doom. Why when there are so many good options. I don't think I've used vanilla since GLDoom came out.
  8. AllenB

    2002 A Doom Odyssey on Doomsday

    That makes more sense, and it works. I now have dsda-doom set up 80% of how I like it, so I'm sure it's capable, and it looks good. GL gives plenty of FPS.
  9. AllenB

    2002 A Doom Odyssey on Doomsday

    Ah, I wasn't seeing 2002 at all, that was Freedoom. Back to square one. Doomsday does do Doom I, I'd just been messing with that slot trying to get this to work. I have DSDA installed. It seems to run this WAD but I get a HOM at the start, so I assume it has a problem with some textures. Since there's other setup I'd have to learn, I might just try Woof and GZDoom before I go too much further.
  10. AllenB

    2002 A Doom Odyssey on Doomsday

    I appreciate your response, Chris. I have made progress. I chose Doomsday for running on Linux, it also does a good job with Heretic and Hexen. I got the WAD from here - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/megawads/2002ad10 This is what Doomsday says about this WAD. Considering what you've told me I'm just rolling with it for now.. I find it will run through Doomsday via Freedoom. In my limited understanding, Freedoom is based on PrBoom+, the Linux Boom port.