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  1. Ah, I wasn't seeing 2002 at all, that was Freedoom. Back to square one.


    Doomsday does do Doom I, I'd just been messing with that slot trying to get this to work.


    I have DSDA installed. It seems to run this WAD but I get a HOM at the start, so I assume it has a problem with some textures. Since there's other setup I'd have to learn, I might just try Woof and GZDoom before I go too much further.

  2. I appreciate your response, Chris. I have made progress.


    I chose Doomsday for running on Linux, it also does a good job with Heretic and Hexen. I got the WAD from here - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/megawads/2002ad10


    This is what Doomsday says about this WAD. Considering what you've told me I'm just rolling with it for now..




    I find it will run through Doomsday via Freedoom. In my limited understanding, Freedoom is based on PrBoom+, the Linux Boom port.