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  1. From the little footage available, seems like it could be a short atmospheric horror custom geo SnapMap, maybe with slowed player movement, and there are probably some maps like that out there already. That is, if you don't want to remake all the assets. Remaking all the assets in any form would require too much effort to be viable, due to lack of context, levels and story. Basically - it wouldn't really be the "unseen Doom 4", but fan fiction. It could, however, be someone's 3D and animation skill showcase, providing it doesn't end up being a generic "look I remade X game in UE5" type of thing.
  2. NimbleShadow

    Recommend me your snapmaps

    Tried the "Side Effects" campaign, it's good. Didn't have time to finish the second map (spectre+lost souls in the dark), but liked it better than the first one.
  3. Hi guys This is a map I made a year ago, but fixed some bugs recently and felt like sharing it. It is a short story where you can only use your fists, with occasional Chainsaw. There are multiple tablets to carefully read as you progress (unfortunately for some Doom Slayers), don't smash them! There is one respawn point full of blood that heals you, with looping shortcuts back you can unlock as you progress. After the final boss, you can either participate in a melee survival event called Ritual Bloodbath (which I recommend, 666 seconds of pure melee arena), or choose one of the endings to exit the map and get the leaderboards score. Of course, your score will be much higher if you participate in, or even finish the Bloodbath. During the Bloodbath, even if you die or wanna wrap it up without beating it, you can go pick an ending at a marked location to get a leaderboards score saved. You can repeat the Bloodbath as many times as you wish, just make sure to pick an ending to get your score saved. There is also 1 secret (kind of, not really secret) ending that gives you score just for finding where it is - but don't interact with it if you want to do the rest of the map. Assets are default Hell, I used non-cybernetic enemies during story as much as possible, though the Survival mode throws everything at you anyway. Don't know if there was a way to avoid that, but I made it within 4 days and learned as I went while using all default SnapMap assets. Several people had a really nice high score, but I was not aware at first that updating the map resets all high scores, which was a bummer, so I fixed it and released this as a "final version". Even if only a few people ever play it, it'd be nice if their high scores stayed there, so now they will. For those who don't want to read tablets, there's a gimmick boss: Survival advice: A5ENKS7M Crypts of Eternity Cheers!