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  1. Cypher


    I took nine days to get 125 posts. Are you proud of the fact that you shamelessly spam? Anywho...I've accumulated a total of 2000 posts with both of my screen names in a little over ten months...although, I wasn't here for six of those months. Then wouldn't that mean you would have kind of spammed too?
  2. Was it BigDoomGangsta? Or EscolovinGangsta? Or AnalSexGangsta? Perhaps BigBallsGangsta?? I doubt it ROFLMFAO!
  3. Cypher

    I have a question!

    How do you get to the secret levels in Doom 1 Episode 4 and the two secret levels in Doom 2?
  4. Cypher


    I took nine days to get 125 posts.
  5. I just thought of Cypher like that book (never read it) and used that for my Screen name. What about the rest of you?
  6. Cypher

    Comments to your own title/ other's titles

    SHITFUCKING ELECTROPLATED GODDAMN JESUS CANDY COATED CHRIST ON A FUCKING MOPED!!!! Stryphrz when talking about E4M1 on Doomworld.com forums.
  7. Cypher

    Comments to your own title/ other's titles

    Goddammit I ain't a Schizo! I was flaming myself so that none of you could flame me!
  8. Can I get the award for most hated Doomworld.com member? I think I'm slowly starting to become the most hated member around here.
  9. Cypher

    When was Doomworld first created?

    Hey Lüt, what did the post say before you edited it? I want to read the fucking retarded post!
  10. Cypher

    When was Doomworld first created?

    Its cool, I wont pick on you about being a newbie (Im new myself) its just that when you act like an ass it pisses me off. HELP! WE'VE BEEN INFESTED WITH NEWBIES AGAIN! * Katgut calls the exterminators <Lüt> What can I do for you today? Special, two threads for the price of one sent to Post Hell! So I made this topic. So What? I am not a newbie. I just haven't been to Doomworld for 3 And some god awful fucking amount of months like you have! I am a member, not a newbie. Get your fucking facts straight! ------------------------------------------------------------ SHUT THE FUCK UP CYPHER! YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING YOU FAT SHIT!
  11. Cypher

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    I have Descent II! I play that! Where do you play it online at?
  12. What level in Doom.wad, Doom2.wad, TNT.WAD, or Plutonia.Wad is your favorite? Mine is E2M4 in Doom 1.
  13. Cypher


  14. Cypher

    Comments to your own title/ other's titles

    Who knows. Maybe he left? Didn't he post a porn link or something? And besides, I don't post porn links. I'm not as dumb as Disorder is. Please don't flame me, I'll flame myself. ------------------------------------------------------------ GODDAMMIT CYPHER, SHUT THE FUCK UP!