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  1. Kid Airbag

    Most happy song ever.

    Huh, I always got the impression that critics are so quick to call them overrate solely because everyone does have such a boner for them. In fact, what I've noticed seems to be the opposite of what you've noticed, which is that whenever someone tells me they don't like Radiohead, it's just because they're so popular. Anyway, staying on topic...
  2. Kid Airbag

    Super Nintendo For Xmas

    Super Mario World (or All-Stars if you can find it) Shadowrun Out of this World Jurassic Park I'm trying to remember what else I loved playing...
  3. Every time I spend money, I immediately take all the coins out of my wallet that I get back in change because they make my wallet bulky and uncomfortable and I put them all into a box in my room. Every so often, I'll gather everything together and either put it in coin wraps and deposit it in the bank or if I'm lazy I'll just go to CoinStar.

    It's about that time again, and I just counted $59 in quarters, which obviously doesn't even include the insane amount of smaller change that's accumulated over the past 8 months or so. So once I get everything sorted out, it'll be like finding a $100 in my pants pocket or something. Pretty sweet. It's like my Christmas present to myself, except I'll probably just end up spending it doing all of my Christmas shopping for other people.

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    2. fraggle


      I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this thread isn't about Obama.

    3. Creaphis


      fraggle said:

      I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this thread isn't about Obama.

      Ha, well now you've done it. Because of that I now have to link to my favourite sentiment about the new prez. (last panel)

    4. GreyGhost


      Bloodshedder said:

      Some banks/credit unions will even count your change for you, assuming you have an account there.

      Some will charge for that service even if you're an account holder.

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  4. Kid Airbag

    Smoker/Non Smoker?

    The weird thing is, this is what it's been like on the rare occasions that I've driven drunk. I'm not proud of having done so, but I swear I'm way more conscientious of traffic signals and speed limits and all of that than I am when I'm sober, and that seems to more than make up for decreases in reaction time, etc. Of course, I'm sure it helps that it's generally been very late at night so there was very little other traffic on the road, and I've always been in places that I'm very familiar with. But also maybe I've just gotten too good at being drunk by this point :X
  5. Kid Airbag

    Drug users?

    Alcohol is my big one. I'm pretty sure I'm considered an alcoholic by most standards (although, so are like 80% of the people I know, something seems off there). I touched on weed in the other thread, and as I said there I rarely do it anymore. I tried salvia once, and it was a crazy experience. Not sure I'd do it again anytime soon. I think if anything, I'm most addicted to caffeine. I think I've built myself up psychologically to the point where I don't believe I can help myself stay awake without caffeine, so I'm hooked on energy drinks now. That's about it, unless you count my over-dependence on over-the-counter pain stuff to get rid of headaches or soreness after I play sports, etc. But I don't pop those unless I'm actually in some discomfort.
  6. Kid Airbag

    Smoker/Non Smoker?

    I started smoking weed in high school, but only occasionally. My freshman year of college it became a regular habit because my roommate dabbled in selling the stuff, and as our dorm was the only freshman dorm on campus with a suite-style setup, our room was the easiest place to get away with it. As a result, pretty much everyone we knew would come over to smoke week, and my payment for graciously allowing this steady flow of traffic through my bedroom was to be smoked out pretty much anytime I wanted. I could have had the same deal sophomore year, but I decided the sooner I broke the habit, the better, so I refused any free sessions knowing that if I forced myself to pay, I'd never do it. Since then, I've been pretty good about it. I'll blaze maybe once a month or so, if that, and generally only when my roommates and/or brother insist on smoking me out. As for cigarettes, I really don't remember the first time I had one. Fortunately, they never became a habit. I'll smoke maybe once or twice a month, usually when I'm really drunk or stressed out about something. Alcohol, on the other hand....
  7. Kid Airbag

    Should Sarah Palin Shut Up?

    She can get lost on a hunting trip in my pants.
  8. Kid Airbag

    Yahoo Answers

    Dude, house centipedes are the best. They eat all the bugs that are actually not fun to have around. And their bite is completely harmless if you do happen to actually get bit by one. I'm generally not squeamish about bugs, but the one thing that would fuck me up the most if I saw it is a camel spider I think.
  9. Kid Airbag

    Church sign contest

    Haha I'd love to see the LOLCatBible version of those verses.
  10. Kid Airbag

    Trash Apartment....

    I'm guessing that someone living in an apartment complex like that is not a yuppie by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just wondering though how the smell didn't permeate into other parts of the building long before it reached that point. Maybe that random bottle of Febreeze lying around in one of the shots is all it took to do the trick.
  11. Kid Airbag

    Jurassic Park in 2 minutes with no budget.

    hahaha excellent. they should have tacked on an extra minute and done stuff with the kids and with samuel l. jackson's death and everything, but that was still good.
  12. Kid Airbag

    your ringtones

    I've had mine for about two years...Common - "Go" for calls and Bloc Party - "Pioneers" for texts. I should probably get something new but it's on vibrate 90% of the time anyway so it's not too important.
  13. Kid Airbag

    Ask Enjay about....

    Ask LoOoOt?
  14. Kid Airbag

    Russia Invades Georgia

    Okay so I'm not the only one who conjured up mental images of Sherman's march to the sea.
  15. Kid Airbag

    Bernie Mac passes at 50

    I'll miss him most in the Ocean's movies, but there really wasn't a lot of stuff he was in that I didn't like.
  16. Kid Airbag

    What is the best WAD you ever played and why?

    Memento Mori II. I remember waking up ultra early on the morning it was due out, and sitting there waiting for it to download on my 28.8k modem, then getting completely blown away by the whole thing once I finally got to play it. Everything, from the innovative level design to the music, was a whole new experience for its time. So for that reason I think it still remains my favorite wad ever.
  17. Kid Airbag

    iu-part2.wad map 15 music

    Anyone know what it is? It's been bugging me because I hear the real song all the time at work but I can never hear enough of the lyrics to figure it out.
  18. Kid Airbag

    The Dark Knight

    Oh yeah and I'm definitely way, way more excited about Watchmen than I could ever be about this new Batman series.
  19. Kid Airbag

    The Dark Knight

    Wasn't impressed. It ended up being a pretty good movie, but nothing worthy of the absurd amount of hype. If anything, this just made the soft spot I already have for the 1989 film even bigger. Michael Caine is very underrated as Alfred. This is kind of a dumb question, but was that an intentional homage to the scene at the end of the Tim Burton one where Batman flies his plane at the Joker and misses him with the machine gun? That's immediately what I thought of when I saw that. I'm not familiar with the comics or anything, so I dunno if there's a similar scene in those, but I couldn't help but making that comparison.
  20. Kid Airbag

    Your personal Nirvana

    Yeah, this too. I guess I could just say the absolute zenith for me is bringing a cute girl to a ballgame.
  21. Kid Airbag

    Your personal Nirvana

  22. I work at an amusement park, and yesterday I was bored enough to realize that the compass on the little hand-held maps of the park that the guests can take is oriented wrong, it's flipped 180 degrees from the way it should be. I pointed this out to the general manager of the park, who had previously not been aware of this mistake, but I was not rewarded for my diligence :/
  23. Kid Airbag

    Indy 4...you gonna go see it?

    I thought TPM was the best of the prequels, to be honest. Really I just hated the little kid actor and Jar-Jar's prevalence. But then again, Hayden Christiansen was just about as awful. I dunno, TPM just seemed a lot more like the original trilogy to me than the latter two. But I digress. Really, I think part of the reason the enthusiasm for Crystal Skull has been dampened is that it's no longer as original as it was in the 80s. Scuba Steve hit the nail on the head: I think it also doesn't help that, at least for me, I was much, much younger when I first saw the original trilogy. As a 6-year-old, the movies were thrilling and captivating and were some of my favorites growing up. Obviously it's not quite the same experience now, knowing exactly what's going to happen, but it's still a lot of fun.
  24. Kid Airbag

    Sexual Themes in games

    Leisure Suit Larry blew my mind when I was a kid.