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Kid Airbag

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  1. Kid Airbag

    Game Soundtracks

    Doom, definately. Quake's hard rock stuff just annoyed the heck out of me. I normally have nothing against listening to it by itself, but it just doesn't go with computer games, IMO.
  2. Kid Airbag

    Me as a moderator

    Whoa, look at how close this vote is...the tables could turn at any time...
  3. Kid Airbag

    Best Weapon EVER!

    Excalibat from ROTT
  4. Kid Airbag

    Polls rule...

    yeah, cept if a demon chews your head off you can't hit the spacebar to respawn Wouldn't it be kinda hard to die when you're already dead???
  5. Kid Airbag

    The Oldest Question on the Web...

    You're right, his are nowhere near as stupid as some of theirs were :P Anyway, I'm still lagging around on my 56k pile of crap.