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  1. I'm still eligible for Irish citizenship if it gets bad enough in this hemisphere.
  2. Kid Airbag

    Indy 4...you gonna go see it?

    I saw it. Was pretty entertained, although I still like the original trilogy better. I was so pumped when I saw the army ants scene, that was fucking sweet.
  3. If you had to give up one of the following permanently, which would you choose? Oral sex OR Cheese
  4. Island question is a no-doubter for the top half human. At least then you could converse, and it's not like there would be no options for sexual activity. A human-sized fish head is just fucking creepy.
  5. You masturbate with your mouth? o_O
  6. All I can say is it's an acquired taste, I guess. I used to hate real alcohol, too, and preferred only girly wine coolers, etc. College quickly changed that, although I still dislike vodka. I don't mean necessarily just the sensation of being drunk, but the social atmosphere as well. When you are drunk and everyone else around you is drunk, fun shit tends to occur. But hell, you're probably going to live longer. Well, then I wouldn't know what I was missing :P
  7. Dude, it's not that bad.
  8. I, too, kept the cheese, to answer Ralphis. What kind of alcohol are you drinking? There are so many delicious beers out there. Also root beer and grape juice don't get you drunk. I'd still take cheese. I play Doom like once every two months now. As much fun as it provided me with as a kid, I probably can live without it from now on. I'd take oral sex over Doom, too.
  9. Kid Airbag

    Suicidal Music

    I listen to a lot of music that could be construed as depressing, lyrically. Generally not stuff that's blatantly about suicide, though. Radiohead's "Prove Yourself" is the only song that really comes to mind right now that seriously looks at suicide.
  10. Why is Odelay so widely regarded as Beck's best album? Is it solely because it won a Grammy (which I don't understand, either)? At least four of his other albums are far more listenable.
  11. Kid Airbag

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    Yeah, I found Silent Hill the movie to be way creepier than the games, and that was even knowing pretty much what to expect in the movie.
  12. Kid Airbag

    Burning question [about Beck's Odelay]

    I dunno, I just don't find much of anything off Odelay to be really catchy. Just a matter of taste I guess. I'm looking forward to his upcoming one at any rate, Danger Mouse is producing it. Should be interesting, especially since his most recent (The Information) was as close to a rap album as he's gotten.
  13. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    Huh, I had never heard of that...are you sure Del's connected to it? They are from the Bay Area, so it's possible, although their myspace site doesn't seem to mention him at all. But I like what I've heard, so I'll definitely check them out some more. Yeah, I've only had a chance to give it a couple listens and already it might be my favorite of theirs. If all you've heard is 7's Travels, I'm not a huge fan of that one for some reason (although everyone seems to love it). Outside of the singles and the hidden track at the end nothing really grabs me from that album. Definitely check out the Lucy Ford EP and You Can't Even Imagine How Much Fun We're Having in addition to the new one.
  14. Kid Airbag

    A simple question

    I'd highly recommend starting at the beginning with some classic megawads like Memento Mori, Memento Mori II, and Requiem.
  15. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    This seems like the appropriate thread to talk about how the new Atmosphere album is really good.
  16. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

  17. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    Coincidentally, those were also the days when MTV used to actually show music.
  18. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    Speaking of Steely Dan samples, this might be my favorite hip-hop song of all time: I'd say it's close between "Eye Know" and this classic:
  19. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    Dude if he's at Duquesne come record in Pgh. this summer so you can give me a cameo on the album. Yeah Del's fuckin great. Although his latest album was really pretty disappointing. Maybe the new Deltron will be better.
  20. Yeah that's probably the answer.
  21. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    Yeah so are you ever going to put more than four songs out?
  22. Kid Airbag

    Hip Hop: A Culture Misinterpreted

    Lupe is fantastic. He really is a breath of fresh air as far as really mainstream stuff goes. I knew who he was, but was pretty much just dismissing him as yet another radio rap artist until he was one of the opening acts at our Springfest concert last year. Since then, I actually listened to him and he is really quite good. Kanye, on the other hand, is kind of boring. I like some of his songs, but for the most part it's just him puffing his inflated head up and letting off a lot of hot air. Eminem was great through about two albums, then he stopped trying because he became big enough that everything he puts out will sell because people are stupid. It seems like he hasn't even been trying since then.
  23. Kid Airbag

    ED's Furry Fucking Guide To Metal!!!!

    Yeah I dunno, I just think using the term "indie" to describe a certain type of sound is dumb. Like all small-label or independent acts sound that way, or something.
  24. Kid Airbag

    ED's Furry Fucking Guide To Metal!!!!

    This has always bugged me. Like, is "indie" confined only to bands who are literally signed to independent labels? Or is it a certain type of sound? Cause there are so many bands who people will categorize as "indie rock" when they're on small labels but all of a sudden when they sign to a major label, their genre immediately changes even if their sound doesn't in the slightest. Point being, genres are pretty superficial. At least, trying to sort things into "subgenres" or anything beyond the clearly obvious.
  25. Kid Airbag

    Hated music tracks?

    Off the top of my head... D_E1M1 and D_RUNNIN, maybe just because they're the default song for any pwad without custom music so I've heard them so many freaking times. Also not fond of D_E1M6, D_E1M8, D_E1M9, D_E2M1, D_E3M2, D_E3M8, D_THE_DA.