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    1. Danarchy


      I always figured someone created that account to knock me from #1. :P

    2. myk


      Heh, I had thought an admin put it there with the max number of posts so no one would have post-count place #1. I remember moving it from banned to losers because it seemed more amusing (posting too much = no life).

    3. Lüt


      Heh that's what I thought too.

      In fact I'm pretty sure that's what somebody told me.

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  1. Kid Airbag

    The NY Mets get rickrolled

    Yeah, the very last thing you'd want to do is emulate the fan base of the Boston Red Sox. But anyway, what I was asking was, who won the re-vote at the actual games?
  2. Kid Airbag

    The NY Mets get rickrolled

    What song actually ended up winning? If it was "Sweet Caroline" the entire Mets fanbase deserves to be systematically lined up and shot.
  3. Kid Airbag

    Lakotah secede from US!!

    We don't already do that?
  4. Kid Airbag

    Your theories what happens after you die? or the afterlife?

    I like to think that whatever you want to believe happens is what happens for you. Pretty boring, I know, but it always irks me when people try to tell you this is what happens to you in the afterlife. I don't think there's just one outcome, I think it is what you want it to be.
  5. Kid Airbag

    Ambitions to Travel?

    I've been to I think half of the 50 states, two Canadian provinces (Ontario and B.C.), Ireland half a dozen times, England twice, and Scotland once (both of the latter were during Ireland trips). I love to travel, and I would really like to diversify my destinations. Grazza's exploits have always made me jealous. My school runs a study abroad program in Geneva, Switzerland, which I am strongly considering doing next spring semester, so that's a start, I guess.
  6. Kid Airbag

    People's Musical Interest

    Yeah, I'm at a state university and the internet here is so crappy it took me at least 40 minutes to get all 12 songs up.
  7. Kid Airbag

    People's Musical Interest

    This is something a friend of mine just showed me, and it's somewhat relevant to this thread. You can create 12-song mixes by uploading your own mp3s and share them with the entire internet. I made two, even though I think you're only supposed to have one: http://slowcountry21.muxtape.com/ http://hyzduthedragon.muxtape.com/ One is more hip-hop oriented and the other is more pop/rock. Anyway, I thought this would be a convenient way to share our musical likes.
  8. Kid Airbag

    People's Musical Interest

  9. Kid Airbag

    What megawads have you ever *complete*?

    Probably pretty much everything in the /megawads directory at some point or another. Usually when a new megawad comes out I'll play it through at least once unless it's really awful. I think my most memorable megawad experience though would have to be waking up at like 6 a.m. the day Memento Mori II came out. I was still on a 28.8 modem back then, so it was taking like two hours to download. I left to get some breakfast or something and my brother went on the computer and somehow cancelled the download, so I had to start it all over again. But it was worth it, for its time, MM2 blew me away more than any other megawad has before or since.
  10. Kid Airbag

    People's Musical Interest

    My tastes are pretty eclectic, a lot of modern alternative, a lot of British pop music, a lot of hip-hop, with some classic rock and electronic/game music thrown in for good measure. My last.fm will give you a better idea of what artists I listen to specifically, so I don't have to just geekily list names here: http://www.last.fm/user/SlowCountry21
  11. Kid Airbag

    The best worst game played

    Shadowrun for the SNES is one of my favorite games of all time. I've never tried it for the 360 though. Also, does anyone remember Witch Haven? That game was awful, but I enjoyed it for some reason.
  12. I've come to realize that Doomworld is far and away the most soothing on the eyes. I use the default theme and the navy blues/blacks make me far more likely to zone out staring at dwf than any other site that I check out regularly.

    1. Snarboo


      Pages with dark but muted colors and light text are very easy on the eyes. I always tend to go with dark themes if I can at any of the message boards I visit. It really strains your eyes staring at a bright screen for hours on end.

  13. Kid Airbag

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Finally got to play it this past weekend. Fucking awesome. It's too bad Zero Suit Samus sucks so much, though, cause it makes me not want to play as Samus anymore, which is sad because she's always been my main character.
  14. Kid Airbag

    Airport Security Stumped over MacBook

    When in doubt, just don't bring your shit in a carry-on bag. Check it all through. Pretty much the only things I bring in my carry-on anymore are my iPod and a book to read. Of course, you do run the risk of your bags getting lost, but it's happened to me about a half-dozen times over the years and I've always gotten my bag forwarded to me within a day or two, which is a much smaller inconvenience than getting pulled aside because you're trying to carry something on that may or may not be kosher and missing your flight because of it. You can also put a change of clothes in your carry-on if you're especially worried about bags getting lost, just to be on the safe side.
  15. Kid Airbag

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    The original Resident Evil came across as more funny than anything (the horribly dubbed acting, mainly). Maybe it's just me. It was a great game, and I have many fond memories of it, but it just never struck me as particularly scary or suspenseful.
  16. Kid Airbag

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    Yeah the baby crying in the background of one of the levels is the only thing that really stuck in my mind about Doom 64. Actually, I kind of want to find my copy of it and play all the way through it again. I haven't done that in probably close to 10 years, since about the first time I did it.
  17. Kid Airbag

    Music with Feeling?

    Pulp is fantastic. Although maybe if I'd grown up in the UK during the mid-90s I'd be compelled to consider them shit. But never having been inundated with that stuff throughout my youth, I've become quite the British pop music aficionado.
  18. Kid Airbag

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    I have really not been scared by a game since the very first time I played Doom. I was 7, and had seen nothing like it in my life. Although I remember that even before that, Return to Zork used to creep me out too for some reason.
  19. Kid Airbag

    Burning question [about Beck's Odelay]

    Huh, interesting that you'd say that, cause I feel like a big part of the reason it got as much acclaim as it did was because he really showed off a lot of versatility. There were songs on that album that could be classified as country, folk, rock, and rap, and some other genres that I'm forgetting/generalizing within those four.
  20. Kid Airbag

    Music with Feeling?

    The only studio album that I can really just lie there and listen to without doing anything else is Radiohead's Kid A. I also have a bunch of mood-specific mixes that I've made, but that sort of cheapens it.
  21. This reminds me of when some kid was commissioned by my high school's pre-engineering department back in like 1998 to create a "3d walk-through" of the school to show off to prospective students and parents, etc. Of course, the most realistic way to pull this off back then was using the Build engine, so he started putting together a level for Duke Nukem 3d that looked exactly like the school, importing graphics and everything. Then the administration changed and the new principal couldn't give two shits about the project, so he basically canned it on the spot. This kid now had the first floor of our high school done, down to the last minute detail. He still hadn't finished the patch to remove the weapons, so you could still walk around the lobby of my high school with a pistol in hand, but there were no additional weapons and there were no enemies whatsoever. He kept this shell of a level on his Geocities site, which he eventually stopped maintaining and it became defunct like all Geocities sites. During the spring of my junior year, someone somehow stumbled upon this level, and reported it to authorities, got all the news outlets involved, etc. And of course, the overreaction was astounding. The school administration played it up like they had no idea this was around, which I later found to be a complete fabrication. No one had heard from this kid in a long while, he was living in China or something, and the local news stations just ate that up. But after some digging, I managed to come up with his AIM handle and e-mail address, and I got the whole back story, and I even interviewed a retired teacher who at the time was the engineering teacher who was working with him on the project, who perfectly corroborated the kid's explanation. I wrote a whole story on this for the school newspaper, completely scooping all the newspapers and news stations, and basically called the one "investigative reporter" who was being more sensationalist than anyone a total hack. And in doing so, I was pretty much calling the administration liars for claiming ignorance of the thing. Which, of course, was completely harmless to begin with. The principal even came to my first period class the morning after that issue of the paper was put out and threatened to suspend me and kick me off the paper for printing libel or something equally as ridiculous, but there was really nothing he could do about it. That was the crowning moment in my career as a journalist, which ended after my sophomore year of college when I became disillusioned with the profession after realizing I'd probably end up as a sensationalizing story-at-all-costs shitwad like the very guy I'd derided in this story.
  22. Kid Airbag

    Doomers Pictures Archive

    If ZarkyB is updating this anytime soon, here is something a little more recent.
  23. Kid Airbag

    Doomers Pictures Archive

    I think my photo is like 5 years old now. I'm a lot fatter now. And I can grow facial hair.
  24. Kid Airbag

    Blake Stone and Planet Strike

    Haha yes that's exactly it. I just remember that that game and Secret Agent were both freaking hard for some reason. Or maybe I was just eight years old at the time and terrible at computer games.