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    Not really a kid. Not really an airbag. WHAT THE HELL IS IT???

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  1. How have the last 4-5 years been?

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    2. Clonehunter


      I'm pretty good, that's what's good. Other than an unfinished map or two in Wads and Mods, a dead Jurassic Park TC, and a cancelled never to be released Free Heretic Map, I have contributed nothing of substance to the Doom community. Except bad posts on Doomworld and ZDoom forums, and a few submissions on Realm667.

      Snakes said:

      Disappointed I missed this. It's like Tommy Weisou ended his film career and picked up the management position for a mapping team.

    3. Cupboard


      People pretend to be girls on the internet all the time. It just so happened that this phony decided to use a female identity to sell Doom pwads for nothing except increased community feedback? Pretty much run of the mill patheticism.

      i'm a girl btw posting on a doomforumOMG<3

    4. Ralphis