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  1. First, a little background information...


    Now, after doing some digging around on the interweb, I discovered Mr. Hooker's AOL handle and have subsequently been conversing with him. He said he might be agreeable to giving me some exclusive stuff for the school paper, which would be awesome in so many ways because it'd mean the school paper would be scooping both the Post-Gazette and all other major media networks in the area. This would be great justice because he really hates how all he did was make a mod that looked exactly like my school that didn't even have any people in it, and the media wants to portray him as the next Harris/Klebold.

    The only problem is, he'd prefer it if I proved to him I am who I say I am and not a reporter with the P-G or KDKA or other such major news network around here.

    Your mission is to figure out a very simple way of doing this, preferrably not involving mail as he lives in China and the paper goes to print next Wednesday.

    1. Arioch


      Do you not have a "school" "press id"?

      Or just a student id card.

      Scan one of those that proves you are you, and fax or email it to him.

    2. Bucket


      Hey, maybe you can convince the mods here to publish the article under "special interest". Youd be surprised how the promise of exposure affects people's skepticism.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Arioch said:

      Do you not have a "school" "press id"?

      Good call, we do have really cheap little laminated "press passes" that permit us to walk around the school at our leisure. I just have to get it scanned now.