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  1. This was today:

    I was there. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in person at a baseball game, which says something considering I've gone to 25+ games a year since 1997.

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    2. gatewatcher


      Do you realize there are 10 minute intervals between periods and constant minute long play stoppages for commercials? So in that respect there really isn't much more down time in baseball (between innings, pitching changes, maybe even a hitter calling asking for time).

      But yeah, in an ideal league there would be limited time between face-offs.

      EDIT: And don't get me started on keeping the play moving, remember that little two-line pass rule? >.<

    3. myk


      Cyb said:
      baseball players fighting is so weird to see since I'm used to hockey fights where the guys, you know, actually know how to fight. Plus they're more civil about it instead of gathering up in a retarded pile and jumping on each other. Even when entire teams fight one another in hockey they pair off and only rarely do they gather up in a bunch (and they usually remain standing in these cases).

      To be honest, hockey players are like brainless zombies... when they fight in the ice it's grotesque; they wallow and shove each other horribly, and in the spectacle its taken as a pretty normal thing. Heh, still, when I was small me and my brother'd play Hockey matches on Intellivision, and that was fun.

    4. SYS


      Wow, it's an orgy of overpaid roid monkeys attempting to have intercourse with each other! Exciting.