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  1. Someone asked me this question today, and I thought it came at a pretty appropriate time. It actually got me thinking about all the times I've been super angry and the reasons for it.

    If I had to give a final answer, I honestly might have to go with this past Monday, November 29, 2004, at approximately 4:00 AM. I know I've never actually been angry enough to punch a wall before, but then again, I was drunk.

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    2. Coopersville


      My angriest moments are when the mongoloid in all my favourite classes has temper tantrums. The kid's so mentally impaired, he should be in SpecEd.

      I've writen songs about it to vent.

    3. Danarchy


      Janderson said:

      When I was nine.

      That must have been one Hell of a year.

    4. Amaster


      Thiiiiiiiiis angry.