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    Not really a kid. Not really an airbag. WHAT THE HELL IS IT???

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  1. Yes I just went there

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    2. Bucket


      Short version:
      Media, news, laws, and social mores could all conform to your specific wants and needs. The reason they don't is because you people haven't contributed enough revenue (or caused enough damage) to make the change worthwhile to those who can effect these changes, as their only real obligation is to their investors. By default, the fact that you continue not to do so means that you're OK with that.

    3. Gokuma


      Well I'm glad we have an agreement to not tell me to fuck off.

    4. pritch


      Gokuma said:

      I suppose I should start watching a lot of TV again to recondition myself to be able to laugh at crotchshots, believe the whitewashed bullshit and lies the "news" reports, obsess over every minute detail of celebrities' lives, be entertained by moronic sitcoms and faked reality, and of course last but not least buy things that are advertised. Despite staying away from watching TV myself, I unfortunately get to see and hear more than I want and there's much more info on the internet anyway. I make no claims to be normal and I don't want to be normal if that's what it is. Here's an idea. Go outside. Get involved in things that are actually interesting.

      If you're addressng me I do plenty of those things already, for instance I organise walks/hikes for foreign students around the countryside here at uni. You're right to encourage those things but at no stage does doing one thing proclude an informed interest in something else. Yes you are quite entitled to stay away from the mass media, and a lot of your cynicisms are probably true, that doesn't take away from the fact that if you bring hardened cynicism to anything in life you risk judging all kinds of books by their covers. It's too easy to assume everything out there is dross, which is what I think a few people are guilty of in this thread.

      And you know once in a while things that are advertised tend to be pretty good, I could cite Doom as an example :P