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  1. Just for kicks I'm going to post all of it.

    I have:

    • Twenty-four dollars and thirty-eight cents in cash
    • Pennsylvania state ID card
    • Northeastern University ID card
    • Citizens Bank debit card
    • Key to 427 Kennedy Hall
    • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card
    • Ticket stub from Boston Harbor Cruise, 9-10-05
    • Ticket stub from the Jim Karol magic show in Ell Auditorium, 9-7-05
    • Room key from Holiday Inn Newark International Airport, October 04
    • Business card from a guy who works at Citizens Bank named Xanchy
    • Jim Karol's business card
    • Ticket stub from Steelers vs. Patriots, 10-31-04
    • Receipt for a Mushroom Cheese Steak, small fries, and medium drink from The Original Hot Dog Stand totalling $12.10, dated 4-28-05, which is the day I left school and went to Oakland to use the library to write my English paper
    • Ticket stub from USAirways flight 2352 from Pittsburgh to Boston, 8:35 AM, 7-10-05, this was when I came to Boston for NEU orientation
    • Bus ticket to get from Cork, Ireland, to Fota Island Wildlife Park, 8-16-05
    • Port Authority Transit (of Allegheny County) bus transfer from 8-25-05, to use before 8 PM. This was after my night of partying at CMU and remembered I had a dentist appointment at 9 AM the following morning in downtown. I'm can't quite remember why I didn't have to use the transfer to come back.
    • Two ticket stubs from the 7:40 PM showing of "The Interpreter" at the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill on 5-26-05. This was the night I skipped my prom to hang out with my (now ex-)girlfriend because she wasn't allowed to go to prom. I must have her stub for some reason.
    • Receipt from voting on November 2, 2004
    • Receipt from voting on May 17, 2005
    • Fortune cookie fortune reading: "Develop an appreciation for the present moment." This was from when five of us made decided at 10:30 on a Thursday night to make a trek to Chinatown to find the legendary Sake restaurant.
    • Receipt from a Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop Burger King that is so badly faded I can no longer read it, but I know it's from the New York trip in October 04, making it the oldest item in my wallet.
    • Raffle ticket from my friend's high school basketball game last winter
    • Ticket stub from the 5:25 PM showing of "Fever Pitch" at the Squirrel Hill Theater on 4-25-05 that I saw with Nicole.
    • This one hurts: Ticket from Taylor Allderdice Semi-formal, Sunday, November 28, 2004, 8 PM-midnight, Westin Convention Center Hotel
    • Subway "Sub Club" card that I have completely filled out but never have gotten around to using
    • Another ticket stub from the Boston Harbor Cruise, I have no idea why I have two of these
    • A coupon for buying a $26+ ticket at a Pirates game entitling me to one free ticket of the same value, but it's useless now as it was only valid for the 2005 season
    • Ticket stub from the "19:00" showing of "War of the Worlds" on 8-10-05 at the Santry Omniplex in Dublin, Ireland
    • Ticket stub from the 7:50 PM showing of "Land of the Dead" at Loews Waterfront Theater on 6-30-05
    • Ticket stub from the 6:30 PM showing of "The Incredibles" at Loews Waterfront Theater on 11-11-04, this was one of my better dates with Nicole
    • Pittsburgh Public Schools early dismissal notice for 10:50 AM on 10-22-04, I can't remember what it was for though
    • Some little purple stamps to put on Subway "Sub Club" cards
    • A spare key to my house back home in Pittsburgh
    Man, that's like the last year of my life in a nutshell.

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    2. Janderson


      Coopersville said:

      Edit After Reading Everyone: No one so far has a picture of their girlfriend? Nor do I, but isn't that faffed up?!

      Does it count if I draw one on my pink post-it? and does she have to be real?

    3. Coopersville


      It's one up from 92.3% of everyone else. I'd count it.

    4. Danarchy


      I never got why people keep their wallet in their back pocket. I first got a wallet when I was like 10 and didn't know the "proper" way to do it so I always keep it in my front pocket. It just seems really awkward to keep it in the back. I tried it before and it was uncomfortable to sit down, weird to reach for it, plus it probably makes pickpocketing easier...especialy since I have my hands down around the front of my pants half the time anyway if I don't have them in my pockets.

      Coopersville said:

      Edit After Reading Everyone: No one so far has a picture of their girlfriend? Nor do I, but isn't that faffed up?!

      I dunno...it's a little weird to have wallet sized pics of people you know. Getting wallet-sized photos taken of you is something you do in public shcool or with your family during the holidays. It would be a little pedo to carry around a pic of your girlfriend taken when she was in 10th grade and a little weird to have a pic of her with her family. That being said, I DO have the phone number in my wallet of the girl I almost went out with if it weren't for my ineptitude and refusing her sexual advances. Oh well.

      Also, I must ask Blodshedder...why the Hell are you carrying your DIPLOMA around in your wallet? Seriously WTF? Mine is mounted in a display on my shelf.

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