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  1. And now I'm not going to be able to sleep for a good while.

    "Bully" is the name, by the same guy who did "Kids" (which coincidentally was the most fucked up movie I'd seen before tonight).

    Most movies don't have this kind of impact on me, but the fact the whole thing actually happened is really chilling, and Larry Clark makes it seem even more real.

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    2. spank
    3. Afterglow


      See Larry Clark's follow-up to Bully, Ken Park. It's basically art porn due to the actual sex scenes that take place (nothing left to the imagination). Those conservative Aussies even banned it from been screened in theatres.

    4. aca


      Finally, someone else who agrees that Bully is the most fucked up movie ever.

      If you've ever wanted to see 10 year olds drinking 40s, people dropping acid and playing mortal combat, a bunch of kids killing a person they don't even know and then feeding him to the crabs, then see Bully

      It seriously kicks your ass.