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  1. Killer_Demon028

    sprite based on BOPE uniforms

    Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it, I think I'll share these sprites in this topic you mentioned
  2. Killer_Demon028

    sprite based on BOPE uniforms

    (Sorry for the bad Google Translate translation this topic has) hello to everyone in the doom community, I come here in this post to share my personalized sprite for a """ future """ mod that I intend to make, this sprite was used based on zombie man and inspired by the uniforms of BOPE, a special forces of Rio de Janeiro military police. You can see that the sprite has much more detail than the standard zombie man, well, that's because the original resolution of the sprite was increased to 52x110 Pixel, this makes the sprite much more beautiful and can include much more detail than the standard resolution of 26x55 . Well, I'm not an expert in pixel art, I can consider myself as an apprentice in the world of pixel art, where every day I can learn more and more about this style of art that we all love, that being said, what did you think? of my sprite? what should I improve? Are light and shadow well matched? Should I increase the brightness of the image a little?
  3. Killer_Demon028

    Which weapon mods include a Revolver?

    Omertá This mod is awesome, it turns you into a mobster inspired by the powerful boss, his revolver is really cool