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  1. DemonRage

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    i did'nt really care for final fantasy 8, but i loved 7 and 9.
  2. DemonRage

    Can't wait for Hockey season.

    I love hockey, and I am a Vancouver Canucks fan. so who do you think will be the 10 best players in the league this up coming season. also your team allgiance would be nice.
  3. DemonRage

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    yeah. the snes doom music is pretty rocking. i beat it like 3 times though. me and a friend when i still had doom for pdx, would go rent doom from the vid store and do coop thru doom. never made it thru doom2 though.
  4. DemonRage

    Your DOOM projects

    well i am currently thinking of doing a tc, but i have to put my ideas together first. my brother who is awesome with computer art will be designing some monsters for me. I am also going to do a quake 2 tc also.the doom2 tc will be out first of course. all i can say is this. i will be huge and designed with co-op play in mind.
  5. DemonRage

    What time do you go to bed?

    well before i moved to calgary i had to work the 12am to 8am shift at a store. i would be working there still, but my remate disided to move all of a sudden, so i had to quit and move here with a friend a know here, but when i am off. 3-4am.
  6. DemonRage

    Worried about a friend.

    was just looking it up on the net. apparently some symptoms are shared with crohns, lupis and lymes disease, but it did'nt say which ones. he has reccurrent oral ulcers and a eye thing right now. i will give more info as i hear more.
  7. DemonRage

    Worried about a friend.

    the docter think he may have Behcet's Disease. i hope he does'nt since he is one of my best friends.
  8. DemonRage

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    i never did like doom64. i though they should have kept the doom1 game and made 4-player deathmatch and coop.
  9. DemonRage

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    I agree. when i heard those babies crying....i freaked me out.
  10. DemonRage

    punishment needed

    racists sure do suck. i was talking to my friends grand father, and he thinks french canadians should'nt be aloud to become preminister or be senators and all. sure chreiten is not the best preminister we've had. and frech canadians are'nt the reason why(he thinks it is) this country is going down hill. He also does'nt like natives cause there all wel-fare bums, now this upset me cause i my self am status indian, and sure i resent the way some of us live off the government and all, but alot od us are hard working just like everyone else. I told him this and he became insulted, which i am glad. as for people being gay, let them. i don't agree with there life style but i accept it, and know that does'nt mean there great people. great people come in all colors.
  11. DemonRage

    first systems

    ahh. mine was: 386dx 40mhz 20megs ram 120meg trident 1meg vid card. used for doom and classic gaming Math-co=proccessors. can that boost game performace or performance period on my 386dx 40
  12. DemonRage

    Dont tell me csdoom is down again...

    do you enter those in ide or cs doom
  13. Well, way back when i had my 386(with 20 megs of ram, 40mhz proc) i bought the shareware version. I load up the first level, enable pc speaker sound(now thats anoying) and started my way thru the game. The first time i saw a Pink demon running at me, i nearly shit myself, all i had was a pistol. The most memorable moment would be on the last level of ep 1. going up the elevtor and walking forward and seeing the barons of hell. it took 3 trys to bet them. i first played the full doom exp on the snes(minus about 8 levels) man i loved the music on the snes.
  14. DemonRage

    Playing doom online. is it fun?

    how do i get doom servers to show on zdaemon or ide. both are in my doom2 dirtory.
  15. DemonRage

    Having trouble with IDE.

    ok when i try to launch a game, it says zdaemon exe cannot be found. what do i do to remedy this.