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  1. Hektik

    Classic Ultimate DOOM and DOOM 2 on XBOX BUGS

    some cheats i encountered (heh i was wallhumping when playing e1m1 with my eyes closed..dontask) were hold sprint trigger and press A several times i forgot the other codes (specifically) but theyre similar hold sprint trigger and press B several times you get iddqd and idkfa cheats this way when you hear a cyberdemon roar. im sure there are others accomplished in this pattern
  2. Hektik

    DooM3 G4 preview music

    errrr.....um....this one - http://www.3dgamers.com/dlexit/xlontech/games/doom3/doom3_g4.avi.html this is basically the one that dodge submitted but more of a summary, never saw the other.. Downloaded it again, and I'm referring to the music that starts at approximately 2:16 into the movie - can anybody identify who plays it and whats it called?
  3. Hektik

    DooM3 G4 preview music

    Remember when G4 released an mpeg movie on the internet previewing DooM3 about a couple of months before DooM3 came out? In the ending 'paragraph' describing the game (about the last minute of the movie) there is some rock/metal music played ( if you want to be exact, when they show Betruger raising his arms in the window). Does anyone that has seen the preview know the band who plays that clip in the movie; if it is in an album and/or song could you tell me that as well? If I find a link to the mpeg, i'll post it. Thnx.
  4. Hektik

    BUYING all Reaper Doom miniatures

    I know its a bit irrelevant; If the DooM movie actually happens (like in theaters) as it does better than D&D, then I would expect some action figures :)--Same with the board game 8) By any chance are the Reaper miniatures the same ones that are displayed in id Software's offices (shown in DooM: the Legacy)?
  5. Hektik

    WAD Music and Sound Requests

    I downloaded the old version of Cakewalk like so, and I think I've decided to go with game and other midis; I tried, but I'm no music creator and even if I did spend the time to make quality unique music - it would take FOREVER, but appreciation is still taken. As for HEKTIK.wad - well, I'll post a link to my megawad website for screenshots as development nears. THREAD CLOSED---thanks :)
  6. Hektik

    WAD Music and Sound Requests

    Foofoo, thanks for the advice; so which trial version on the Cakewalk website would I download for MIDI's? BTW, some (ok, maybe a lot) of the MIDI's I've selected now are from T.U.D.'s references, so since he is an awesome ZDaemon player, I will give him credit for it in the readme. Many thanks!!
  7. Hektik

    WAD Music and Sound Requests

    Thanks for the info, but I was just trying to get .DEHs into Zdoom but did the .bat shortcut instead, could I do this with Zdaemon? About the MP3s...I probably don't want to distribute regular songs, and it takes a lot of extra space, but I'll still consider it, thanks!
  8. Hektik

    WAD Music and Sound Requests

    I'm starting my own single player megawad of my name that changes just about everything (not quite a TC) in DooM II--original textures,hud/weapons,flats from paint(/w Wintex), maps from DeepSea, enemies, and all sprites and graphics; only problem is in 3 parts: BGM midis--I don't want to take any copyrighted music from other wads, but I don't also want to resort to old DooM music (not that its bad). Can anyone point me out to some cool action-oriented BGM that is compatible and not illegal to put in my WAD? Or if there is a midi mixer program that translates into WADs? Wave sounds--Pretty much the same request as BGM, but waves are more flexible for Wintex :) Some help as well: I'm specifically making this megawad for DooM Legacy with Fragglescript and Colored alphas,etc. but I would like to port it to Zdoom/Zdaemon(coop) as well, the only problem is that I don't know how to put the .DEHACKED lump into my wad; I tried -file .deh but it never worked. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hektik

    Xfire ring

    I have xfire for most of my games, and if your ring is a success, I'll participate nickname is doomachine if you just make the same server repeatedly if you could give me the name to put under x-fire server favorites.
  10. Hektik

    New to the group AND stupid question [spoiler]

    Yeah you do lose your weapons again when you become the bat out of hell so use your BFG9000 to take the seekers when they are bunched together.
  11. Hektik

    I need horns on my demons

    Although I do miss the moos and blurrs and horns, I thought since they were making DooM³ more scarier the sounds would be more like the monster sounds from DooM64; those were a lot more demonic and scary in a hellish way. That DooM64 'music' was creepy as well...
  12. Pure Speculation: Granted, the pros probably do a lot more effort to survive than to start a crossfire...but there is extra strategy that I'm sure the pros have turned into habit. e.g. variety of weapons and their range---identifying recent entry by open doors---stealing powerups from other players-the mind boggles.
  13. Hektik

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    I would say the biggest flaw was the direction of the game series as opposed to the style that was recently introduced. What I'm trying to say is that they probably should have gone with adrenaline-pumping combat faithful to the original where tens of monsters swarm you with different attacks; instead we get a survival-horror game that looks awesome (in light) that tries to scare you but just isn't as fun as it could be. Toss in some more clever puzzles and tons of non-linear gameplay and it would beat HL2 and its hype. Still worth the time though.
  14. Hektik

    Do you think Carmack will retire soon?

    Remember that Carmack and Co. were starting an RPG (seriously) called Quest several years ago, then spontaneously switched to DooM³, so he may still be around for that game if it doesn't get cancelled. As for Quake 4 he looks like he'll help with that one since it's a single player game instead of QIII. It should be noted that I'm getting this info from "Masters of Doom" by David Kushner.
  15. Hektik

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    I beat Veteran Mode the same day my game came in the mail -6 hours from 3pm-9pm. Took me a couple of days to beat nightmare which was a bit more challenging. The only problem was that the game was designed to keep you from using your deathmatch tactics and more patience and ammo conservation, and I totally defied that. :+ There is no alternate ending for nightmare, sorry. Oh, did I mention the strategy guide and beta experience?