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Everything posted by Mortictian

  1. Mortictian

    DooM Map Idea

    Sounds good, when you releasing it?
  2. Mortictian

    multi map PK4 files

    Ok, make a zip file, then a folder called maps, and a folder called guis. Then place all your guis in the gui folder(if theres subfolders make sure to keep the path) and place your map files in the folder named maps, then drag and drop thies files into a zip and zip it at normal compression, then rename it(namehere).pk4, wala your done.
  3. Mortictian

    downloading maps, the problem

    http://www.mm2x.com/upload/ Go upload some stuff there, then make a page with links to the files you uploaded there, Problem solved. Btw this place is great for just about anything you need to link to.
  4. Mortictian


    Hey dude, you've disapeared, Whats happened? did you die or something?
  5. Mortictian

    New Rammstein Video - Amerika

    I dont find it bashing at all, maby a little bitchey in places, but nothing like how anti-american John Kerry is.
  6. Mortictian

    Toilet clogging

    We have a vent/acess tube outside with a cap on it that connects to the pipes, So i cut a hole in a cap and glued in a valve stim off a tire, so next time we get a clog ill just light 150psi to the fucker. *BOOOOOOMMMMMMMOOMMMM!!!!!!!(Shift+1)one!1!!
  7. Mortictian

    No specular, No bump on my ATI ...

    yea, Like you wouldnt buy a CD if you dont have a cd drive, and like everyone said, laptops arent anywere near gaming compatibality(and portability) yet, so either chose one, Portability or gaming. They have the new DELL XPS witch is an AMAZING computer, muchless a laptop, so if you have endless amounts of money go for it.
  8. Mortictian

    Why lose guns?

    Instead of making it harder, they removed weapons witch makes sence. They most likely did it for performance reasons. More monster=more pollys=lag.
  9. Mortictian

    Rescue Me (the cable show)

    I wave everytime i see firefighters in my town, but they never wave back, because they do what they do im not going to diss them tho.
  10. Mortictian

    omfg doom3 review!

    "When you kill the monsters the explode or actually look like they were dying!!" Sig worthy, His grammer is about at a 2nd grade level.
  11. Mortictian

    double barrel shotgun!

    Yea, about like hoses and computer chips. Altho the SSG has never actually had an external hammer, because simply ITS A GAME.
  12. Mortictian

    If the game is so Linear

    The only true non leniar games are Deus games, Even GTA is leniar, you dont have 5 different endings, the game ends 1 way, DooM³ IS A LENIAR GAME, get over it. Its not an opinion, its a true fact. You cant beat the game unless you kill the 1 main boss, unless im missing something, you cant like join him and take over the world for an ending, Thus its Leniarness.
  13. Mortictian


    His pain threashole is 150, so maby a weapon that does 4,000 damage in 1 shot would kill him? go try it real quick.
  14. Mortictian

    Suck on this, closed-minded parents!

    WOah, Liesure Suit Larry how old were you when they showed you that LOL!!!! isnt that an Adult ONLY game? Well i guess its not bad considering the school i went to gave Sexual ed in the 3rd fucking grade! Then they wonder why a bunch of kids got pregnant like 2 years later.
  15. Mortictian

    Weres the First person veiw gun models?

    He told me to post this : They are md5mesh files, and heres the path once you unpack your pk4 files pakXXX.pk4\models\md5\weapons and select the "weapon name_view" and theres your files. :
  16. Mortictian


    unpack all the pk4's, then go into def's and select the monster_boss_cyberdemon.def and try to find something, i kept looking but i dont see anything that helps.
  17. Mortictian

    Trites and odd blood colors?

    it really dont, im on minimum requirements with a custom ungibbable mod, and its no different.
  18. Mortictian

    double barrel shotgun!

    As soon as hes unlosered he said he'll release the mod, him and some other dude, the other dude is finshing up a couple maps to test out the weapons on.
  19. Mortictian

    double barrel shotgun!

    Ok, well my friend Raptor just finshed his weapon mod(he got banned) and its got a railgun. replaces the plasma rifle, the only words for it is Woah....... new sounds too.
  20. Mortictian

    double barrel shotgun!

    I hope you guys put a railgun in, I thought i was the 1st person on earth to even conceive on one when i was 5 years old. I really wana build a working one some day, too mad you need like 20 car batterys and alot of machined copper, its just a microscopic Ultra high powered monorail lol. But yea thats a great idea, i dont think the plasma rifle is that nessary beacuse it dont do anything the chaingun or the machine gone doesnt, If i could help you guys out with something let me know, or we could give you place on our temporay forums to keep updates flowing, just PM me if your interested.
  21. Mortictian

    check this out ...

    Resident evil was a good suspence movie, little on the overly graphic side.... but anyway, this dude is a little odd look at this storyboard artist storyboards concept designer creature design storyboard artist storyboards concept designer creature design storyboard artist storyboards concept designer creature He repeats that 1200 times on his front page, and its invisiable. Anyone find this disturbing?
  22. Mortictian

    Far Cry The Movie

    Yea, that movie was just a plug for anti gun fanatics with lines like "Guns are bad" "When i have a gun i do bad things" "Bad things happen when you have guns" and other lam ass phrases like that, the movie had em every 10 minutes.
  23. Mortictian

    double barrel shotgun!

    Hmm, are you guys planing on bringing back the orgional weapons? Like the orgional plasma rifle? Or are you just going to use the current ones. Cause an 18 year old kid finding a plasma rifle dont sound to fit the story very well. Maby you could make all the weapons like stuff you'd ACTUALLY find on earth.
  24. Mortictian

    My first Doom3 map (SCREENS)

    are you making them single player(PLEASE)? because some of us dont have the luxury of DSL for online play. Anyway thies enviorments remind me of doom1 alot, and some quake maps.
  25. Mortictian

    Just starting

    You registered for the wrong reasons, didnt you read the registration thing? it says you cant signup for reasons like that. Btw, google is your friend, google.com