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  1. Shotgun-Bill

    Happy New Year / Doom test ?

  2. Shotgun-Bill

    most important game EVER!

    ok, this quote is a little old but it helps set the mood. what game do you think helped the industry the most, and dont say doom just because "it was the funnest". i mean things like quake was the first game to have 3d models instead of sprites.
  3. Shotgun-Bill

    why can't I reply to people who reply to me?

    well normally to reply you have to press the post reply text in the upper right. but you are smarter then that. maybe the thread got deleted or post helled while you where typing reply. check to see if the tread is still in exsistance.
  4. maybe your just useing the shotgun that does more dmg when you are closer.
  5. Shotgun-Bill

    Happy New Year / Doom test ?

    i hope id doesnt release anything. you see, a long time ago i realized that the more i knew about a game before playing it the less fun the game was. it all started when my friend told me that in metal gear solid master miller was actually liquid snake. that completely ruind it for me. trust me, the less you know the better. ignorance is bliss and i should know :p
  6. i tried to get an avarage of weapon damage once by playing zdaemon and me and this guy would just take shots at each other and record how much dmg it did but it didnt turn out too good cuz everyone else in the game kept killing us.
  7. Shotgun-Bill

    Consoles and such...

    well lets see, i can choose a console or my computer, which is possesed by satan himself. i will just stick with my beloved dreamcast. /me hugs dreamcast dont worry, daddy will never leave you
  8. Shotgun-Bill

    how many of you have a girl friend?

    i could get a girlfriend if i wanted to. that is, if i felt like it.