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  1. Hello DOOMers, Today i present to you teh most epicest slaughter map evah!!!1! Jokes aside, I have made a little joke map, with a bunch of demons, designed to look like the Crucible from Doom Eternal. I don't really know why i did this, i was just really bored today. Use GZDoom, BC it's very broken in vanilla, sorry! This map is not meant to be taken seriously, it's just a silly little project i randomly decided to make, so no h8, pliz? (I'm very sorry for making this garbage, and i WILL make more serious maps later ;p) This is the design: This is the download: MAPTHATLOOKSLIKEASWORD.zip Spoiler pics:
  2. HDoomFan666

    Short Episode 1 Themed Map I Made

    Damn, this is a very neat map! Had a ton of fun playing through, even if it's a little bit challenging. I like the aesthetics of it, reminds me of E1M6 or E1M7, maybe a little bit of E4M9? (Also, sick job on the LITE textures, they look epic AF) The only complaints i have are that there doesn't seem to be any backpacks in the map, or blue armor; which would really help with the Baron fights. Other than that, there aren't any other issues I've noticed; other than a little texture misalignment (but that doesn't take away from the overall experience of the map) Overall, very cool map!
  3. Hello, Here's a new map I've made yesterday, called Toxic Plant; it's a short and generic techbase/powerplant themed level inspired by Doom Zero's MAP01 and MAP02. It's only playable in GZDoom or Zandronum, because it's in UDMF format. Feedback is welcome; If you find any bugs or issues, feel free to tell me! Enjoy! Screenies: Da link: GARBAGEDUMP.zip
  4. HDoomFan666

    Mars Outpost

    Yeah, i kinda f***ed up that part with the exit platform, i didn't know that the player could jump off the stairs to get the red key; since i didn't playtest that part much, sorry abt that. And i probably should've made the switch in the storage room raise the stairs up (IDK how to do that in vanilla format) instead of them being raised already. Anyway, thanks for the criticism and tips, I'll try to improve :)
  5. HDoomFan666

    Mars Outpost

    YO! Here's a very short map I've been working on for the past week; called Small Mars Outpost or TEKBASE.WAD. It is just 1 map, made for Doom 2, for GZDoom(Doom format) , but playable in CrispyDoom with minor bugs. (mirror and exit sign not showing "%" symbol instead) (I'm still a beginner, so i wouldn't be surprised if it was removed, but constructive criticism is welcome) Screencaps: Enjoy, I guess. Or not... TEKBASE.zip