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  1. D3rpyD00dlez

    DOOM 6: Trailer 1 Analysis & Discussion

    Something I noticed was that it looks like that maybe this could've taken place before the two most recent games? at the same time I could be absolutely wrong but the context clues given and the weapons make it look like this could take place pre DOOM (2016) and DOOM ETERNAL.
  2. See title. Any good entertaining doom 2 wads you'd replay more than one time or suggest to other players on the forum?
  3. D3rpyD00dlez

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing the Do Demons Dream of Beheaded Bunnies WAD (DDDOBB) and I've only made it through the first level or so bc its pretty hard.
  4. D3rpyD00dlez

    Most recent movie you saw

    Last night me and a friend watched this movie called Brokeback or breakback mountain. It was long as hell but absolutely heart wrenching. I would definitely suggest going and watching it online or on disc because its for sure a good movie.
  5. D3rpyD00dlez


    I genuinely enjoyed this mod with its level design and music. It was challenging and interesting and it kept me playing a while after beating it to try to find anything. though I would say it was slightly repetitive and overwhelming with enemies at some moments.