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Everything posted by Rom

  1. Rom

    doom wad name generator

  2. Rom

    Evil Patched

    ^ | sky portals
  3. Rom

    Evil Patched

    Does this patch enable you to play without the cd as RoE did? [EDIT]Yeah, it does.
  4. Rom

    five Doom-related questions....

    1. They came in 3 other colors in multiplayer games. 2. Who would he talk to? Himself? 3. They weren't "inspired" so much as taken right from a picture of some "sugar loaf" mountains in China. 4. 5. Dunno. Can never get a firm answer about this.
  5. Rom

    What's your favorite graphics program???

    GIMP, because I enjoy the warm comfort of a steaming pile.
  6. Rom

    First Doom 3 XBox Review!!!

    Oh, good. A GamePro "review".
  7. Rom

    What do I need to do?

    But there are no Athlon XPs clocked at 1.03 GHz.
  8. Rom

    What do I need to do?

    Odd. I don't think even the slowest Athlon XP was clocked as low as 1.03 GHz. Are you sure your multiplier and/or FSB are set correctly? How much are you willing to spend on an upgrade?
  9. Rom

    Doom 64 TC for Linux??

    I found a pre-standalone release on FilePlanet (yeah, I know). I think it requires Doomsday 1.7.12, but I'm not sure.
  10. Rom

    Something Doom Related Almost Wins

    More of a train wreck than an awards list, but whatevuh.
  11. Rom

    Doom Is 11

    Check out the photo archive at Rome.ro for some shots taken during Doom development. His way of celebrating the 11th it seems. Looks like we'll even see some from Commander Keen (!) development next week.
  12. Rom

    Awesome Doom Movie News!!

    And the ones from Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom weren't?!
  13. Rom

    Tei Tenga?

    /me hopes the ROTT CDs eventually come back in stock
  14. Rom

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    I highly recommend you head over to the barista site and download everything there. It's all good stuff, especially the trippy barista 2.
  15. Rom

    Doom On The XBox!!!

    doom1.wad on anything > Doom 3 on anything
  16. Rom

    Doom 3. scary?

    id seemed to go for the primal/surprise type of scares versus the more psychological kind. There were some nice psychological touches, though. I liked the subtle transformation of the base as you got deeper in the game and the flashes you saw (such as when you looked at yourself in the mirror), although you didn't see many of these. I assume Betrugers cackling was supposed to be a psychological thing, but ended up being rather humerous and kind of ruined the atmosphere. Really? That's a shame. I haven't played any SH beyond 2, mostly because the SH3 PC demo was so buggy I wasn't sure if I wanted to go forward with the series. Once again, that's a shame, since SH2 and SH3 PC both had significantly higher resolution textures than their console counterparts.
  17. Rom

    PSX Doom

  18. Rom

    heh (very small clip)

    Funny vid. Wasn't this posted a while back sans watermark?
  19. Rom

    the so-called "Trent Reznor Sound Pack"

    A lot of people are saying the sounds are from the leaked alpha. That's probably why all the mirrors for it are dropping like flies. I believe the end of two of the sight sounds is the death cry of the Hell Knight from Doom PSX. Like a lot of the Doom sounds, though, it may have had a public domain life before being used in Doom, so it may have been heard elsewhere too.
  20. Rom

    Why did Id not fix this? [old map14 trick]

    Romero says they weren't.
  21. Rom

    DooM for GBA!!! Impressive!

    The engine conversion wasn't bad, but the umpteenth reuse of the Jag levels was kind of disappointing.
  22. Rom

    How good will my computer run it?

    What effects are you talking about?
  23. Rom

    Cartoonified sprites

    Cool. Reminds me of the cartoonified cacodemon from Barista. Although, I think like yours better.
  24. Rom

    Doom 3. scary?

    Sometimes when I played Silent Hill in the dark with headphones on, I would simply not want to proceed any further in the game. It was that creepy and got into my head that much. Doom 3 never really made me feel that way. Heck, to be honest, Doom PSX beats Doom 3 in this category, IMO (it's the music and the revised hell levels).
  25. Rom


    See also this.