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  1. AHemlocksLie

    SERENITY v2.0

    This was a solid set of maps. Maps feel relatively intuitive and don't meander too much, some of the fights are actually pretty challenging, and ammo, health, and armor feel available without being overly plentiful. Not much to complain about here, and especially solid considering how early it released.
  2. AHemlocksLie

    Doomsday of UAC

    This one was pretty fun. Had some good, challenging fights, especially once things get interesting outside, and it did some cool stuff like the invisible staircase. Definitely liked the little touch with the truck tipped over, although I didn't recognize it for what it was until I saw it drawn on the map. Was cool to find the darker underground area beneath UAC.
  3. AHemlocksLie


    This was my first custom WAD, so maybe that makes me a bit biased, but I enjoyed this one at lot. I liked the design, and things felt challenging enough to stay interesting. Would definitely recommend it.
  4. AHemlocksLie

    GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)

    This was a great WAD, and I don't know that I have anything negative to say about it. It tries to actually tell a story (although you definitely need to consult the TXT file to get the idea before you start), the map has a bunch of distinct areas that all work well, there are a few good fights, and a couple things push you to realize that not everything has to die immediately. Soon, yes, but maybe don't waste those bullets yet...
  5. AHemlocksLie

    Return to Phobos

    These maps were a lot of fun. Mostly larger maps with some interesting features that made me think a bit occasionally, and plenty of demons to kill along the way. E1M2 has a bug due to an engine change, so if you can't play on... I think v1.2 or lower, maybe v1.3, a switch fails to properly raise a bridge leading to the exit. Chocolate Doom doesn't support that old of a version, so I had to use a noclip cheat to clear the gap, but that aside, everything else went well. It's nothing amazing, but it's a solid set of maps, and it's part of an impressive start for the modding community, so I definitely recommend trying it. That said, there were a couple minor complaints for me. One, there's a few levels that have multiple switches that control a single secret, and they only unlock the secret if they're hit in the right order with only one chance to do it. I'm not a big fan of getting force locked out of a secret just because I didn't even realize there was a puzzle being solved in time. Two, even on UV, it didn't feel that challenging, and I don't feel like I'm that great a Doom player. Blue armor and supercharges are found on a lot of levels, even multiple in some later levels, and ammo is rather plentiful, so I rarely felt like I was in a bad spot. By the final level, I had entirely full ammo for just about every gun, so I just liberally sprinkled the map with rockets.