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    Doomsday of UAC

    That was awesome! Feels like a cut level. My only complaint would be the difficulty being a bit too far on the easy side with the open areas, especially in the cyber demon's RGB gamer basement (I played on U.V). Everything else about the map felt like a lot of love was put into it, the way the UAC building and its cargo area was laid out felt like a real place that still works from a gameplay perspective (for the most part i.e, very open sectors). The cargo crate fight in particular really stood out to me as a "whoa!" moment. The basement area next to the travelators was really cool, it was like stumbling upon another threat after going through most of my resources for the cyber demon and feeling worried but excited at the same time. Having to focus up to dash through and grab ammo before I could clear them out was really memorable. I admit I did noclip to the exit after the rock collapse, because I wasn't sure what I missed. All-in-all, awesome map, glad I played it :)