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  1. Assplalt

    I need a mapper. Just one.

    Hire me! I'm very good at mapping levels
  2. To revive the olde thread that got killed....here it is again. Post screenshots of you maps from the editor. No in-game shots or off-topic talk please. Talk about the screens is encouraged. Thank You.
  3. Assplalt

    My Little DooMer

    My friend Brandon, started playing doom last year when he was 7,8, or 9 years old. Sorry, I can't figure out his age.
  4. Assplalt

    Artist needed for Scythe 2.

    How about this one: SCYTHE 2 with a background of 1987A
  5. Assplalt

    Yet Another Level!

    Sorry Darkhaven, there are no screenshots.
  6. Another level made by me called: Lab at Deimos, and it's in the archive folder /incoming. BTW: Bashe, your snesdoom.wad is great!
  7. Assplalt

    The /newstuff Chronicles #196

    Ty, You were talking about my wads right?
  8. Assplalt

    The /newstuff Chronicles #196

    Cyb, You forgot mine, bdr.zip.
  9. Does anybody want to post images of levels they created?
  10. Assplalt

    About Doom's E1M1: Hangar

    Why is the first level in doom called Hangar?
  11. Does anybody have any levels they made using CodeImp's Doom Builder?
  12. Assplalt

    My New Level!

    I had an idea, if i make another zip folder with the same files and make the zip title: bdr.zip, Maybe it would make the rejector want to keep the short letter zip file and reject the long letter one.
  13. Assplalt

    PSX Doom

    WildWeasel, in the PSX Doom mod, it has e1m3,e1m4,e1m5,e1m7,e1m9,e2m9,e3m5,e3m7,e4m1,e4m2,e4m3,e4m4, and e4m8 missing in Console Doom.
  14. Assplalt

    PSX Doom

    Im thinking of making a mod for Playstation Doom. With all the maps from it and using Zdoom, it would be great! The only thing that it needs is the txtures from Console Doom. Reply if you want to talk about it. See ya!