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  1. XDelusion

    Ancient DOS Games - Overview of the Doom Engine

    I enjoyed this,thanks for sharing!
  2. XDelusion

    Globalization and you

    http://www.youtube.com/w/?v=zsl_28o9c3w&session=gAJ9cQEoVQxlcnJvcl9maWVsZHNxAmNfX2J1aWx0aW5fXwpzZXQKcQNdhVJxBFUGZXJyb3JzcQVdcQZVCG1lc3NhZ2VzcQddcQhVDFZpZGVvIGFkZGVkIXEJYXUu A nice short video that explains the basics in a way that even a 5 year old child could comprehend.
  3. XDelusion

    Things that Piss You off about Modern Day games....

    Amaster: Everyone is already brain washed. It's not a threat, it's a reality. No need for a VR helmet or anything fancy for that. A carrot (even if it is rotten) on a stick will do.
  4. XDelusion

    Things that Piss You off about Modern Day games....

    1. I am stick and tired of seeing adverts in my video games. Everywhere I go I can not escape "POPulare Culture", it's on the radio, it's on the TV, it's on our bill boards, buildings, clothes, vehicles, etc! Even if you do manage to escape all the adverts, some lame ass identity starved sheeple will come your way emulationg the latest and greatest of the Big 6's offerings... ...so you end up with a flesh and blood incarnation of M&M or Jessica Simpson in your face, and what's worse is you ALWAYS encounter these sheeple in crouds, because sheep do not run alone. So... ...given this fact, I play video games to take a break from Commercial life and now the games are becoming more and more commercial. If it isn't the in-game Bill Board Ads hanging from the virtual walls and what not, then it the characters, such as Blood Raines Vampire character that walks, talks and dresses like Juvenile Hot Topics Fungus/Stripper, rather than an aged being who had been around so long and seen so much that imperminance has become her greatest haunt, teacher, and only friend. Through this experience of life, she's moved beyond the cheesey trendy one liners of a 13 year old suburban slut. But noooooo, god forbid we actually have anything more than a 13 year old 2 dimentional character that appeals more to the croch than the mind or heart. 2. I'm sick of all the commercial revolutionary games. 3. I'm sick of all the military propaganda games where you go out an kill brown and yellow people for Unkle Sam. 4. Sick of games that use terrrism as a quick thrown together story line. 5 Sick of the lack of Bionic Commando sequals. 6. Sick of RPG's that are all the same. We need more KOTOR, Call of Cthulhu, etc. Enough of the cute Dragon Ball Z/Mid-Evil RPG's. 7. Sick of all games bing the same, thank you Nintendo for tyring to change this old ass pattern, now hopefully we'll have VR helmets soon!
  5. XDelusion

    Wii release date

    Mario Bros...meh. Nothing tops Smurfette! She's got a fine blue ass! Warlords was another great game for the 2600 that *******ly needs cloned for the 21st century.
  6. XDelusion

    Wii release date

    Hey, the 2600 had Smurfs! Take that Mario! :)
  7. XDelusion

    Wii release date

    Yes, according to Nintendo the 1st gen games were purposely not designed to be graphically amazing, but they promise that the following Gen games will improve in the graphical department. Time will tell if this is just a lie or not. Personally, I'd be pretty happy with XBOX level gfx so long as the CPU was dedicated to better AI, and deeply complex enviroments and the like. Hell I'd be happy with a 2D Castlevania that took 3 years to beat... :)
  8. XDelusion

    Tom Cruise dumped...

    DOOMENSTEIN: Yes, but if I should partake of pie, them I may smile and will be unable to sulk. When I sulk in the basement, I head for the dampest darkest corner and sulk WITHOUT FOOD... ...like a real Emo! :)
  9. XDelusion

    Tom Cruise dumped...

    me to!
  10. ...there are more on the way, martial law is not far off... ...oh wait you guys already got cameras everywhere you go! :) We'll have them soon enough... And two way TV to boot!
  11. XDelusion

    Wii release date

    I personally doubt the 360 is going to suffer. If anything Sony will suffer. It is just crazy to be asking so much money out of a people living within a crumbling economy. That and the fact that all 3 systems will look the same on the Televisions that most people currently own. It is not like were are all going to be able to afford Hi-Def TV over night or anything, so... ...I don't see what all the GFX hype is about. At this point in time I strongly feel it's going to be about originality, at least I hope the masses beg for originality for once in history. ;)
  12. XDelusion

    Tom Cruise dumped...

    Good, I can't stand that guy! Totally overated!
  13. XDelusion

    Wii release date

    Maybe that and the fact that the controller was the worst Nintendo ever designed (not counting Virtual Boy). And maybe the fact that it came out too late, after Sony got a grip on the market... ...who knows?
  14. XDelusion

    Wii release date

    I can not wait!