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  1. Rockn-Roll

    Do Monsters in Doom 3 Fight each other??

    I've seen them fight many times. One situation was when a revenant fired rockets at me from another room. Fortunately, the door closed before the rockets came into the room I was in. But, unfortunate for the imp that had just teleported into that room near the door and got splash damage from the rockets when they hit the door. When the door opened I saw the revenant facing me (not fighting the imp) and the imp got in his last swip of claws and the revenant went down. I was so shocked that the imp sent a fire ball at me and I too went down. I found it odd that the revenant stayed forcused on attacking me while the imp was obviously hitting it. Dumb revenant, well what do you expect from a skeleton?
  2. Rockn-Roll

    DOOM 3 patch is out

    ROFL! Any veteran of idsoftware products should know that most of the patches were considered BETA releases, and were used immediately by servers and clients and mods without hesitation. The "official" patch usually only came with purchase of a mission pack or in the case of Doom3 it won't come out until Quake4 is released. And, most of the "official" patches were simply just the most recent BETA patch like with Quake2 MP2: Ground Zero. Yes, some mods will not work when a new patch is released, but I'm sure that is not idsoftwares intent. It is up to the mod author to support their work and release a patch for their mod. It usually only takes a few tweaks to a mod to keep upto date, so normally a patch for a mod gets released just a couple of days after a patch is released.
  3. Rockn-Roll

    Doom3 Info/FAQ Campaign - Your Submissions

    As for a walk-through: Begin. Walk, shoot, ask questions later. End. I do have a few secrets to share. Here's one from Delta Labs 2 as viewed when you first enter the area: If you crouch behind the desk and look to the left you will see the button: Which opens the panel on the wall in back of the desk to get some armor, grenades, a clip: The following is in the same area as this secret: Hope this helps. There is also a button in one of the labs, but I think most people find it cause it's just in a dark corner and shining the flashlight reveals it easily enough. Of course the id PDA is well known as well. But, I do have another secret to share which is a panel that opens when walking past a tower...I'll take some screen shots of it when I get to that during my Nightmare patrol...I'm currently jumping through the teleporters, so it won't be too long until I get to it.
  4. Rockn-Roll

    How long did it take to beat the game?

    I spent a little over one week real time with around 4-5 hours per day. I believe about 35 hours total, but I played on Veteran, scouted all the areas for secrets of which I found two besides the id PDA...those are actual hidden panels with goodies secrets, not open areas which just requires crawling around. I would frequently backtrack and explore after clearing out a section. I figure perhaps 5% of that time was dying and reloading...I made like 60 save points. Now I'm on Nightmare and after one week I'm not even half-way through. Dying and reloading is up to around 15% and my save points are up to 50 already. It's Hell just trying to survive with only 25 health even with the SoulCube.
  5. Rockn-Roll


    If you listen close you can detect that Sarge's voice at some point before sending the communications signal or canceling, has some sort of mechanical quality added to it. While, Swan's voice sounds very human.
  6. Rockn-Roll

    Why lose guns?

    The difference is that Betruger activated the teleporter. In doing so it's my guess that he also activated a filter to screen out all non-organic matter (except the PDA which strangely enough remains intact). Hence, the marine lands naked in Hell. All other telporting was activated by the marine himself. I think it added a lot to the fear factor.
  7. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Eh...most of what they produce really only appeals to people who have not yet reached puberty. But, it's kinda fun to come into work and play all day & get paid for it. They do force you to take a 15 minute break in the morning and after noon, & an hour for lunch. I worked on the game Animal Crossing. I think one of the worst aspects of the games they produce is that the developers are all japanese, and everything they make has to be translated, then edited for whacky sayings...some very unusual word combinations come across. But, when bugs are found in alpha testing they are fixed in just a couple of days.
  8. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Oh geez, it looks like someone changed me from a fan boy to "Obviously someone being paid to talk about how incredible Doom 3 is". Now I get your earlier comment. LOL! I wish man. I also wish that I was paid for the review I gave of Quake2 Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero If you check around you will see that I'm an independent who launched a web site called Quake2 League in Oct 97 and moved the database portion to Gamespy, played guitar along with CTF and TeamFortress for Quake on MPlayer for like a year, ran a successful semi-automated Quake2 deathmatch tournament from a 33.6K modem using a map I created, a whole lot of other stuff. But, I've never ever gotten paid...uh...directly for any of that, except an invite from gamespy for their seaonal lan party. I did do a game related website for Intel which I got paid for, and did some in-house game testing for Nintendo, but other than that I haven't received any money from the gaming industry.
  9. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Sorry, perhaps I was too harsh on you...I really don't mean to be personal, but Doom3 blows my mind man. I just would have liked to see more adjectives and adverbs describing the most important innovations. It did seem like you thought the game was OK, but I have no idea how anybody that is a doom fan could find Doom3 anything but awesome.
  10. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Thanks for the response with more than one sentence. Actually, everything id delivers seems to stimulate me. :) Thanks for placing these two together. You condemn the shotgun for not being powerful, then condemn it for being too powerful. No, don't get heated up...I see your point, the imps have more health than a soul drained human, and you would have liked the humans to have more health so you couldn't waste them easier. Try using the pistol on the soul drained humans, otherwise that ammo is worthless AFAIAC. Flaw for including some low health monsters for a low damage weapon? No. Personally, I think there's way too much ammo in the game, and everyone forgets to use the pistol. That's one reason for using a flashlight...when you see a monster, decide which weapon to use instead of just pressing the flashlight again to get the last weapon. Perhaps this is where id is ranting that there is no player innovation! Hmm, neat like have them hit the floor first? Yeah, I like that idea. Flaw? No. Yes, everyone wants more. id delivers a huge long game (compared to some other releases) in which no body seems to be able to remember every level well enough to completely distinguish them from each other. And that's a flaw? I want more, but I don't consider that a flaw man...that's a great flawless game! Toddh was initially opposed to Doom3, but with everyone saying that the main flaw was that there wasn't enough then I'm sure he's toasting id development with champagne and...er...other stuff. Ravensoft is already developing Quake4, so I expect another development team to head up the next Doom3 episode with a healthy licensing fee to Toddh. Yeah, more...more...more. I agree. You are making Toddh seem like an uber marketing FNG for thinking of doing a project other than Doom3. True, id did not have John Romero's genius to draw from to design better traps...sad, very sad. But, flaw? No. I think you want to see something other than an FPS then. I believe the most important part of an FPS is for the player to have a first person perspective and for the player to have weapons to shoot stuff, and if it's beyond what every other FPS game delivered then it is innovation. I think seperating the game engine is a bit harsh. No game that I've seen has heat waves from flame and energy fire. No game that I've seen has grenades which create shock waves. In those fields Doom3 is innovative. There's also Swan's guard who can't be killed, he has an innovative arm. I think there are a lot more innovations, but I think the game is too long for us to remember them all. In order for an FPS to be innovative, the player has to be innovative. There were many different ways to transverse nearly every level. A player with skills could have found many of the areas exciting and innovative. Doom3 on Nightmare is one hell of a heart pumping, adrinaline flushing, head banging experience. Even on Veteran I found myself getting flush at least once a minute. On the lower levels like marine and geez, I don't even recall what the lowest skill level is...heh...just walk around and shoot stuff. I'm sure the imps just walk forward slowly all the time and throw fire balls once when they see you, and then like every 5 steps or so, and only crouch and spring at you if it was scripted...LOL, a game like that would suck! On Nightmare if you back up from the imps too far they will crouch and spring, on Nightmare the imps don't walk much...the most I've seen is like maybe 5% of the time. But, then again they don't get much of a chance to walk cause I'm in their face with a shotgun and mostly all they do is throw fire balls or tear at me with their claws. There's also Swan's guard near the end...I mean that guy is incredible...innovative...nearly impossible to kill, well can't be killed actually, cause he keeps coming back! I don't know...maybe on the lower levels the dude isn't there, or something cause I don't hear too many people talk about him. Well said. Yeah, I actually think I do have a gamespot forum membership that I can use. Or, perhaps I'll jump back into some Doom3 Nightmare. I've only just made it past the EnPro facility and have entered communications...I'm about to send, or not send, the distress signal.
  11. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Uhm...I'm not talking about the open spaces. In one place...Delta Labs I believe...a button is in a hidden location. Pressing it opens a wall panel for some stuff. Further on in a tower area a wall panel opens as you walk past a demon trigger area...the first time through it's not as noticeable due to the demon making things difficult, but if you dispense the demon quickly you can hear the wall shut again. Reminiscent of the original Doom series, especially Doom2. I think Romero should have been called in for consultation on some more of that stuff...I think many of the secrets in Doom2 like that were his doing. Anyway the wall panel in the tower allows access to an area which can actually be seen from the stairs while climbing the tower. And, of course there is the id button which opens an area containing a PDA with emails from everyone at id. Yes. But, I don't really like Nightmare in the original series. I think the enemy respawns too quickly for me. Part of my experience is checking out the neat areas in the maps, I can't do that on Nightmare...not without the ammo respawning as well, fists just don't work well against someone with pistols, shotguns, machine guns, etc. According to id the Doom that we loved is not the game they intended it to be. Original Doom was supposed to be freightening, was supposed to be like Doom3.
  12. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Very True. The review I gave on Gamespy for Quake2:Ground Zero when I finished the game stimulated enthusiasm and revenue for the game. I had gamers playing on my servers tell me that they purchased not only Ground Zero, but the Quake2 Collector's Edition which featured both mission packs along with the original Q2 game with the most current patches including CTF and maps, etc. A super deal at the time. If I had read Cyb's review before purchasing Doom3 then I would not be expecting much from the game, and may even think about buying another instead...bad move. id is putting a demo together...may take a month for them to finish it, but I'm sure it will blow everyone away. Doom3 is the coolest, badest, meanest, most advanced game available today, and probably for the next several years. In fact, there is an Ultimate Quality graphics setting for video cards which don't even exist yet...though I hear that ATI may have a Radeon would may meet the 512MB video RAM requirements. The monsters aren't going to do any special tricks for your amusement cause they are there to kill you...something they are good at...which means moving toward you, aiming at you, and even dodging your bullets. And, just like anything else...once you learn their behavior then you can kill them as long as you can maintain a consistent skill awareness. Another thing that Cyb forgot to mention was that Doom3 includes the supernatural to the mix. Some of the monsters have special abilities to cause objects to fly toward you. There are many times during the game that Satan takes control of you or your surroundings and makes things happen...sometimes they are similar to cut-scenes, but many times spooky things happen...Satan playing with you. It's not a nice game with pretty levels, pleasant lighting, nice decorations. Doom3 is not your mother's house. Get over it! I agree that it sounds really weak. But, it's very powerfull up close. It wasted the Pinky demon with a head shot at point blank. Keep in mind that Doom3 is not a bounded box program. If you can hit some of the pixels which make up the head then you can kill most anything if you can get the gun nearly touching it...even the Bosses croak after just 4 or 5 head shots with the shotgun. Hmm, I think that happened in my game several times. Try using a grenade or BFG on an imp...they go flying from the blast. :) I would have enjoyed more elaborate traps like in Doom2...more secrets for sure (unless there are more than the 3 that I've found so far).
  13. Rockn-Roll

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    I see no flaws in Doom3. Uh...it's one big scare fest with a huge story and many different variations on that story. I'm now playing it on Nightmare with only 25 health and no health packs available (mounted units are still available) and just one of those creepy imps (makes the original imps as tame as a lap dog) raises my shackles...and there are areas where several teleport in. Did you play it on Veteran or one of the whimpy skill levels? Holy crap! You must have typed doom95 in the Doom3 console. You didn't say anything about the heat waves from flames and the energy balls thrown by the monsters, nor did I read anything about the awesome shock waves created by the grenades. You mentioned something about the game engine. But, the story was awesome. The PDA's being used to guide the marine toward the objective was awesome, but you skipped most of them. Did you go to MartianBuddy.com? It was awesome how they made the game linked to reality! The weapons were balanced to the T. The maps were awesome with loads of detail, and it wasn't just textures of equipment drawn on a wall...things like pipes, computers, etc. actually were real objects. The maps were also complex in a 3 dimensional way. In fact, you could skip whole sections of maps by descending to a lower walkway (you probably didn't notice that cause you were too busy trying to survive). You indicated what you thought was lacking, but you didn't say what you expected! Doom3 is a single marine that has to be the hero. Doom3 has everything and more for the player to have that experience. I see nothing more that can be added to Doom3 to improve it. Obviously you could change it into something you want...perhaps a role playing game...did you want to upgrade your health so you can survive longer? Did you want the stupidity of carrying some items around while trying to figure out what to do with them? I think that says it all. You skipped everything that makes Doom3 this years Game-Of-The-Year. The scientists say different stuff depending on how you approach an area. You probably just reloaded after the monsters attacked so you could avoid them. It sounds like you chose not to experience the game, so why are you writing a review? As a marine you dissapoint me. I would expect better game skills from someone at DoomWorld. I have to go now...before I rant some more. id again leaped decades ahead of everyone else with Doom3. None of the other games I've played or seen compare. I expect Half-Life2 to be boring in comparison. FarCry is like some childish console game compared to Doom3. The only game I now await is Quake4 from RavenSoft...that will be great!