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  1. ThreeEyes

    Most annoying monster?

    Imps. For me that killed a lot of the games fun. *door opens* oh look an imp! oh and theres one behind me too! what fun! The pinkies should have been slamming through walls, cacodemons falling from the skies, maggots on the ceilings etc... The enemies didn't know how to make a dramatic entrance. Why did the majority of creatues have to spawn? The imps should have been clambering down walls and out vents not spawning into the next room. I hated all of z-sec too. I never once saw a z-sec guy before he was a zombie either, wheres all the zombiefied uac marines? I thought all the monsters that were underused pretty boring. Some levels were populated entirely with imps.. bah.
  2. ThreeEyes

    Think you're a badass at DOOM3?

    Thats the same as a hell knight!
  3. ThreeEyes

    Think you're a badass at DOOM3?

    Just looked at that video in the post above and it looks like the game would be impossible. The zombie was shot at 58 times. 58. The shotgun should be a weak weapon, I found myself using the shotgun as the primary weapon in the game (it's not exactly a gratifying weapon to use either, if it was the doom 2 double barrelled shotgun I would not be too bothered). The Cyberdemon should ********ly be tougher, but you should be able to use any gun to kill it (and soul cube should need at least double the amount of kills to be recharged). Bodies should not disappear and revenants should be able to ressurrect as well as summon. Why is ********ly censored?
  4. ThreeEyes

    What did you like most?

    I really enjoyed the new enemies most, the cherubs and the maggots were especially cool. The rocket launcher effects were amazing, I love how the air distorts due to the heat in the explosions. The lighting is amazing, I don't think I can play another game and be satisfied with anything less than real-time lighting.
  5. ThreeEyes

    Why lose guns?

    You can't use the "guns aren't in the past" excuse because guns exist before the doom guy did. This is just another gameplay device.
  6. ThreeEyes

    The hunt was better than the catch..

    I have to agree with that review. Everything in the game is awesome, but there is a lack of variety that drags doom down. I can't stand the imps or zombies or z-sec, I really loved the cherubs, the maggots were awesome, the cacodemons scare the pants off me when in an enclosed space or in the martian atmosphere (not enough of these) and the trites were used correctly only once (in the outdoor section when they overrun you). Good game, badly executed in areas.
  7. ThreeEyes

    Help! Less than 1fps in game!

    Theres a store called Gamestation who also sells second-hand PC Games, it's a growing chain and you will most likely see one eventually. As far as I know you have to gain a special licence in order to sell second hand PC games and GAME does not have one and I doubt they ever will. I am thankful that we have stopped 10-day returns on PC Software, it has probably cut down on the number of pirates and otherwise piss-takers that I care not to deal with. And the rest of the time I do not like having to deal with a customer who has no god damn clue about PC's what-so-ever, so to use the no-10-day-policy is a godsend for me, especially when the only specifications they know when I ask them about their machine are "well, it's pretty good, we bought it recently from a friend and it has XP". I can happily refuse a refund while being ever so smug. You know that you are not allowed a refund unless a product is faulty? And that if you accept an exchange instead of a refund that you renounce your right to have a refund at a later date? Also the hardware guarantee is not 12 months, the law states that any piece of electrical equipment needs to work for at least SIX years. You guarantee is with the company that sold you the product and has to provide you with a refund or working equipment, sending something to the manufacturer is not your responsibility and you do not have to do so. All the laws are there and are easy to follow if you look for them. Next time you buy a washer or refridgerator and they offer you the 12 month warranty it is actually a warranty in addition to your statutory rights, tell them that and watch them squirm. Law is fun.
  8. ThreeEyes

    Continuity Issues, seems to be a lot more lately

    It's not like ID made these inconsistancies by accident. They're a gameplay device, the oxygen tanks only have a short amount of use in them because when you're playing the game it's crap scary trying to find a door whilst your oxygen is rapidly depleting. I sure as hell loved that little gameplay device, as well as not being able to use a flash light at the same time as a gun. Perhaps people should stop trying to find reasons to dislike the game and find reasons as to why the game rocks.
  9. ThreeEyes

    Half-Life 2/Doom 3 Tech Comparison

    A developer will build an engine to suit the requirements of the game. Doom 3 is a slow sci-fi horror game, Half-Life 2 is a fast paced sci-fi action game. I'm sure if we all had 5ghz machines with 3gigs of ram and super fast graphics cards then Doom3 could easily produce higher texture resolutions and fantastic outdoor environments. The writer for that article is a retard and needs to be shot. Edit, MasterOfPuppets beat me to the point.
  10. ThreeEyes

    Help! Less than 1fps in game!

    The online store is better value when buying games, other than you have to pay for shipping costs. The other thing is that you can return a game back to the store even if you bought it online, so you shouldn't need to pay shipping twice. I'm sure the online policy will change when somebody notices that it's outdated. Sometimes GAME has a habit of doing stuff like this, which only makes the sales assistants jobs harder, imagine if somebody did bring a PC game back to the shop if he bought it online and the sales assistant only knew the store policy and not the online policy like me, he would probably enter into a bad conversation with a customer about a policy that only applies instore. Then the manager enters the conversation and it gets worse. Only a person who has worked in retail can understand such things and just how much of a difficult life it really is. I also know that right now the people who've worked in retail will be nodding solemly right now while the rest of you will be thinking "Ha! Retail! All you do is scan a barcode and put money in a till, how hard can it be?!". You have no idea... As to the thread topic, sorry I went off the track. Simple advice: Upgrade. Thats the cold hard truth.
  11. ThreeEyes

    Help! Less than 1fps in game!

    The clue is in the question "What are GAME.NET's returns policies?". As for the basingstoke branch (which is close to head office actually) they really should know the company policy, there was a very specific email about it a month ago. Although any GAME branch in the southern regions are usually pretty poor standard.
  12. ThreeEyes

    Virtual diplacement mapping mod

    It would be very interesting to see an actual displacement mapping modification. This is good though, makes Doom3 seem even shinier.
  13. ThreeEyes

    Help! Less than 1fps in game!

    Since I work at GAME I would like to reply to this. We no longer have a 10-day return policy on PC Games and Console Hardware. Simply put, if you buy a game and you haven't checked the specs on the box first then it is out of our hands, if the game is at fault then that is fair enough. Minimum specs are on the back of the box for a reason, infact they are usually far more optimistic than they should be so take heed. And one final thing, the sales staff at GAME have a hard enough time with the huge amount of company policies without having to deal with customer complaints because they failed to read a small paragraph on the back of the box, and I don't mean that lightly either, Every year I have to read 5 very very very large folders to refresh my training. On top of that are the weekly and monthly reviews, staff baggage checks, daily Performance Indicators, daily loss prevention protocols... ad nauseum.