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  1. <sithtrap> hi
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> hi
    <=[DD]=Bane> hello sithtrap
    <sithtrap> <-star wars fan
    <=[DD]=Bane> ah ingenious name Kyp Durron :P
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> That's amazing
    <=[DD]=Bane> lol
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> you'll go far here with that
    <=[DD]=Bane> u read the NJO series?
    <sithtrap> ya
    <=[DD]=Bane> ok
    <sithtrap> all star wars books
    <=[DD]=Bane> cough
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> name one of Luke's kids.
    <=[DD]=Bane> talk to someone names miniman
    <sithtrap> esp timothy zahn
    <=[DD]=Bane> named*
    <=[DD]=Bane> LUke's Kids?
    <=[DD]=Bane> he has more than 1?
    <=[DD]=Bane> :P
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> Is he right?
    <=[DD]=Bane> he hasn't named
    <=[DD]=Bane> sith answer rogue's question
    <sithtrap> huh?
    <sithtrap> yeah
    <sithtrap> ?
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> correct
    <=[DD]=Bane> <[THE]Rogue{LOC}>_name one of Luke's kids.
    <sithtrap> ben
    <=[DD]=Bane> gj
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> hmph.
    <=[DD]=Bane> lol
    <sithtrap> lol
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> What's Darth Maul's birth name?
    <sithtrap> uh...
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> and from what planet does he hail?
    <=[DD]=Bane> what's Tahiri's mirror self called?
    <sithtrap> yikes...
    <sithtrap> let me think
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> what the hell or why the hell are u talking about that
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> He's a "Star Wars Fan"
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> I want him to prove it
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> oh
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> lol
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> i know a real star wars geek
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> he has every fucking thing ever made
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> Would you say that he's ~The Star Wars Geek?
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> almost
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> he even makes light sabers out of fiber glass
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> huh..
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> yea
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> When there's real ones available.
    <sithtrap> i cant remember
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> and the only music he listens too
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> is the star wars themes
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> orchesrated, or in lame midi form?
    <=[DD]=Bane> Sithtrap
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> and he even dresses up when going to see the new star wars movies
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> ok sithtrap, I'll ask an answerable one
    <=[DD]=Bane> what is Tahiri's alter ego?
    <sithtrap> i read the books,but i lack a photographic memory
    <sithtrap> sry
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> he has all the cds
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> How old is Darth Bane?
    <=[DD]=Bane> and when did Darth Bane originate?
    <=[DD]=Bane> during what period
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> lol
    <sithtrap> i dunno
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> omg
    <sithtrap> i dont rem darth bane
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> at least you can answer this:
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> How long is Han's penis?
    <=[DD]=Bane> lol
    <sithtrap> ahhah
    <=[DD]=Bane> sithtrap
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 30 seconds..
    <=[DD]=Bane> do you kno pre clone war SW info?
    <=[DD]=Bane> nvm answer rogue
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 10
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 9
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 8
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 7
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> lol
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> he's looking it up on google
    <sithtrap> get a life
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 3
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 2
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> 1
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> 1 is correct
    <sithtrap> are ya sane?
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> Oh, sorry, but I'm afraid you are wrong
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> lol
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> The correct answer was: I need to get a life.
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> u know what
    <sithtrap> uhuh
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> u should go to this site
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> You set that one up form the getgo when you said you were a fan
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> www,feetman,com
    <sithtrap> right
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> yea
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> nice typo, sucker
    <sithtrap> well..
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> and my period dont work
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> so youll have to type it in
    <=[DD]=Bane> cough
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> yourself
    <sithtrap> what planet is tahiri from?
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> yea i know i fucked up rogue
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> type it in for ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC so he go go there, plz?
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> the guy can't use the period for fuck sake.
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> yea
    <sithtrap> right.
    <sithtrap> well.
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> can someone type it in
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> please
    <sithtrap> anybody got an xbox?
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> sith will u type that site for me
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> these other guys r dicks
    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> they wont do it

    sithtrap has gone to KILLED - KLINE.

    <ThE_JuGGaLo_DeMoNiC> lol
    <[THE]Rogue{LOC}> cool

    NOTE: For those who doesn't know, typing feetman dot com in GSA gets you an automatic two week ban.