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  1. 1. Doomworld Forums - Blogs
    2. The Best Page in the Universe
    3. The Anti-Bumkum Movement Page
    4. Something Awful
    5. The TLOC(My Clan) Forum
    6. Portrait Illustration Maker

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    2. fraggle


      I wrote a short script to convert my bookmarks list into a list I can post here.

      NewsForge: The Online Newspaper of Record for Linux and Open Source
      kuro5hin.org || technology and culture, from the trenches
      Doomworld -- The definitive source for Doom news, information and development
      Doomworld Forums
      Sopwith dot org
      Project FreeDOOM
      Irmo game library
      Ruby Home Page
      Ruby Class and Library Reference
      Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
      Something Awful - The Internet Makes You Stupid
      GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
      BBC NEWS | News Front Page
      Google News
      spfc.org : the smashing pumpkins (and zwan!) fan collaborative
      FootNotes - gnomedesktop.org
      ECS: University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science
      Penny Arcade!
      Undergraduate Homepage
      ECS UG Wiki: RecentChanges
      Dilbert.com - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
      my new ** technique is unstoppable
      Pokey the Penguin!!!!
      sfraggle - Slashdot User
      Mohammed Al-Sahaf - Slashdot User
      SDL Sopwith
      Revol: Linux on the Psion Revo
      PicoGUI - Home
      SourceForge.net: Welcome
      advogato.org :: fraggle
      freshmeat.net: Welcome to freshmeat.net
      GLib Reference Manual
      Chris Sontag - Slashdot User
      Google Glossary
      Google Sets
      Sporks R' Us || Death to Foons! Embrace the Spork Empire!
      Slash.Geekizoid: Suck it Trebek!
      YOU FAIL IT! - Slashdot User
      : : : A Perfect Circle : : :
      The Onion | America's Finest News Sourceâ„¢
      The Onion A.V. Club
      kuro5hin.org || User Info
      eBay UK View User Feedback for fraggle_uk_uk
      Linux Kernel 2.6 Status
      Wireless networks driving IPv6
      Pt IV MEng Computer Engineering
      - FreeUnix.dyndns.org -> Howto -> Accessing BSD filesystems under Linux
      kuro5hin.org || My horrific trip through detox.
      Relative Addictiveness of Various Substances
      Welcome to the 419 Eater
      NewsForge: The Online Newspaper for Linux and Open Source
      Welcome to Everything@Everything2.com
      FIERI Boston - Language
      love lies in ruin
      towers of rabble
      Pt IV MEng Computer Engineering
      orkut home
      Planet GNOME
      G. Bevin
      Pathetic Geek Stories
      Main Page - Wikipedia
      eBay UK – The UK’s Online Marketplace
      Poetry Knowledge Zone - Class 6 : The Art of Haiku
      NeHe Productions: Main Page
      RubyCocoa - A Ruby/Objective-C Bridge for Mac OS X with Cocoa
      AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
      Pranayama and Yogic breathing, the Yoga Site's introduction

    3. Arckra


      In order of appearance. :D

      Neopets folder >
      Neopian Guild HQ
      Coltzan's Shrine
      Tombola Man
      Sacred Flames of Asylum Message Board
      The Labratory
      Pink Poogle Toy

      Links folder >
      Dream Theater Official Website
      Dream Theater email
      For the Love of Yaoi Comic
      Duel Jewel Official Website
      J-Pop House Online Store
      A-kon Official Website
      Nuklear Power
      Etsu- The Official Duel Jewel Fan Club
      Everything about Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey and Due le Quartz

      Anime Folder >
      Ancient Sanctuary
      I Know What's Beneath the Snow Fields
      Silence: The Vincent Valentine Webring Message Board
      Everbane Forums
      Ayenee Forums
      Eden Forums
      Psionics 101 Forums
      Dead Triangle
      Nutrinopedia.net Forums
      Krap Kollectors Forums
      The Anime Cafe
      Not My Desk
      Everything Once
      Symphony X Lyrics
      Dream Theater Unofficial Songbook
      The Massive Destruction Lemon Yaoi Gallery
      Velvet Unfolding
      Dark Sable
      ColonyOne: Underfire
      Imaginations, Illistrations, Illuminations
      Kevin Smith Tribute
      Oh my god, a sock!

      Yeah, a ton of random links are in my "anime" folder. I have yet to fix things but that's where my links default into. *shrug*

    4. Lord FlatHead