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  1. I only remember to check my Private Messages, like, once every six months. I just checked mine now and discovered I had a bunch of unread PM's.

    Some people want me to draw stuff for them. Get in line folks, I remember to do those even less than I do checking my messages.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Captain Red said:

      I reply to allmy PMs... uhhh coz I get about three each year.

      Heh, me too, but now I had a small surge of them a week ago :D

    3. chilvence


      I have a couple pm 's that I havent replied to but I suffer from pm lethargy...

    4. Ichor


      No unread messages here. I usually read them once I see any. Every so often, one or two might sneak by, but not for very long until the next time I check my messages.