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  1. A couple months ago, my Art teacher made the whole class participate in a poster contest, the theme being road rage prevention. Today I was informed I won second place and I made $50.00 doing so. The piece doesn't fit in my scanner so the best I can do is take a webcam shot of it:


    I was up until 2:00AM finishing that bastard on the day before it was due; I guess now it was worth it.

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    2. Fredrik


      I take it only two entries were submitted?

    3. Bucket


      I once had one of my 20-minute (pastel) figure drawings for school get put into an independent art show, and some lady wanted to buy it for $150.

    4. Coopersville


      What's that, a knight fighting a volcano ? Find a better camera.

      It's a knight defending from a fire-breathing Cutlass. The top-right section reads "Resist Road Rage".

      What was the first place picture?

      I didn't see it.

      I take it only two entries were submitted?

      Out of at least one art class? Psh, no...