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  1. First Attempt

    This time I only tried E1, still level 2 difficulty. I don't know if you're suppose to include the time for E1M8, but if you do, I got somewhere around 8:46; if not, I had 7:26.

    I nearly died on M7 when I exploded a barrel right next to me near the last switch, but managed to get out of there with 3% health.

    If I knew how to record demos in ZDOOM, I'd make some for everyone to see.

    1. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      For episode 1 speedrun:

      • Start
      • Run...
      • type "cmd", then Enter
      • type "cd [absolute directory of zdoom]", e.g. "cd c:\zdoom", then Enter
      • type "zdoom -iwad doom -warp 1 1 -skill 2 -record e1pwned" then Enter
      • play through the maps (this is the hard part!) ;-)
      • when you exit, a file named "e1pwned.lmp" should be located in your zdoom directory.
      Playback with "zdoom -iwad doom -playdemo e1pwned[.lmp]" from the command line.

      Good luck!

      EDIT: The time for ExM8 is not usually included, for historic reasons.

    2. Coopersville


      I'll try recording a demo now, thanks.

      I did another when I got back from school today. E1M8 excluded, I finished at 6:45.

    3. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      Yeah, the seconds are just slashed away when you start playing the same run over and over... I love that feeling!

      EDIT: BTW, 6:45 isn't a bad time, but I'm sure you can get below 6:00 if you keep at it and use the quickest routes. A tip is to just ignore any monsters not directly in your path. On HNTR, their shots do very limited damage.