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Dark Fox

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  1. Dark Fox

    Facing Hellward

    The model looks tacky and out of place..
  2. Dark Fox

    RIAA Police Force

    alright, i'll drop it..
  3. Dark Fox

    RIAA Police Force

    http://www.laweekly.com/ink/04/07/news-sullivan.php Soon, they will control us all.
  4. Dark Fox

    Title discussion

    <3 is a heart..
  5. Dark Fox

    Title discussion

    No one <3's me enough..
  6. Dark Fox

    Which doom 2 monster?

    I'm a dirty Imp.
  7. Dark Fox

    Situations you most hate.

    Anything involving arch's and skulls.. god I hate those things.
  8. Dark Fox

    doom zombies are funny

    Uh yea its called Wintex... please stop posting, unless you drop a pair and learn how to type. Edit: Severly beaten like a red headed stepchild.
  9. Dark Fox

    Doom weapons

    Oh jesus is that old.. lol Edit: Reading some of my really old posts, I've determined I'm a total assqueen.
  10. Dark Fox

    Models too blocky?

    The reasoning behind that is, the original models where movie CGI quality, millions of triangles. Attempting to render that in real time would result in your AGP bus taking a short walk off a tall cliff. The D3 models range in the 1000-2500 poly range so it can acually RUN the game, the bumpmapping is there to make up for that detail loss.
  11. Dark Fox

    Doom weapons

    The Super Elite Awesome Goth Emo Queen Whiner launcher with weird subculture twink ammo.
  12. Dark Fox

    RIAA Police Force

    Intresting logic, so it's ok for the RIAA to have a illegal police force as long as we share music? Awesome thinking.
  13. Dark Fox

    So where does your username come from?

    I shall not explain since it's so obvious. My other names are: Kotaru TheSofaFox
  14. I've never had one.. =(
  15. Dark Fox

    RIAA Police Force

    Thats how I read it too bub.. Reword it if you dont think you're getting your message across correctly.
  16. Dark Fox

    New Doom art stuff..

    0.o Oooh.. gimmi gimmi! Mancubus looks like he had a tummy ache..
  17. Dark Fox

    Most over-rated games

    @Ichor Your such a meanie. I liked undying.. =( Yea.. Halo is my main choice, even though I throughly enjoyed the game, the hype did kill it and left me feeling very hollow after finishing it.
  18. Dark Fox

    RIAA Police Force

    cut the middle man, more money for the artist and a lower cost for us..
  19. For twenty dollars I will steer you queer.
  20. Dark Fox

    RIAA Police Force

    Blessed be the makers of peer guardian..
  21. Dark Fox

    Shittiest games of all time

  22. Dark Fox

    Doom : The Movie thread #21,704

    We need tim burton to direct it.. and NOT base it off the novels..
  23. Dark Fox

    Doom Novela Characters

    am I the only one scoring a 404 on those images?