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  1. Mr. Jingles

    The invisible cursor game

    ohhhh the person who made this, i pity their hobbies EDIT: lol its easy now set your control panel to make your mouse give a signal when you press cntrl key EDIT AGAIN: no ill stick with alt this shit is hard
  2. Mr. Jingles

    Something VERY strange in Doom...

    the idclip thing, really how far has anyone traveled using this?
  3. Mr. Jingles

    point of origin - where do you live?

    o.O i thought i was the only country bumpkin here
  4. Mr. Jingles

    Something VERY strange in Doom...

    indeed now i have a question about something strange in doom, occasionally (usually a former human or sergeant) will get an attitude with the wall and start blasting away at the wall, anyone else ever see this? if so tell me what causes this bizzare behaviour
  5. in what country do you live? geographical terrain, climate, events i.e. shootouts, bombings, police chases, church meetings etc, etc, me im originally from the netherlands but now i live in east colorado which is called the Land of Up Yours and in a little shithole named Geel........ currently i am in Texas however for summer. anyways do tell, share interesting facts.
  6. Mr. Jingles

    glitches in Zdoom DM

    eheh ZDaemon sorry i get those names confuz0r3d sometimes, i stay on dwango too much
  7. Mr. Jingles

    glitches in Zdoom DM

    perhaps its a noobish thing to ask but does anyone in here use Zdoom for DM? and if so how do you get rid of glitches such as red flashing completely invisible players and error reps, i tried using Set_CL maxdecals 0 it helps a bit any pointers comrades?
  8. Mr. Jingles

    My Little DooMer

    that is freaking awesome my salutes to your daughter that is cool. I mean seriously, i believe that honestly more and more people in the world are starting to appreciate these good classics. Kudos to all of you who keep it alive
  9. Mr. Jingles

    Favorite Doom Weapon

    heh................. i am making a wad where a hamburger pops up and a bitemark appears in the burger and you get 5 health its a real hoot, anywayses......... i prefer the shotgun SSG switch trick first fire off a round from the SSG then switch to shotgun, fire then switch to SSg and fire again it has a very good potential for damage and very small increments of non firing time :P
  10. Mr. Jingles

    some people are geniuses with photoshop

    thank you mr. negative :P
  11. Mr. Jingles

    favorite monster of all

    well in the book you couldnt really get a visual picture, but yes books do tend to be better than their movie counterparts but i meant pennywise for his appearance
  12. http://www.worth1000.com/cache/gallery/contestcache.asp?contest_id=1289 i wish i could do this kind of stuff so....what do you think?
  13. Mr. Jingles

    Doomworld Catchphrase

    you forgot a common one "YOUR MOM"
  14. Mr. Jingles

    Linguica/Hobo/other digiporn fans rejoice!

    heh and they call us folk who dwell deep in the country woods weirdos...........heh
  15. Mr. Jingles

    Toilet clogging