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  1. I Just started High School a couple of Days ago and It sucks.None of my Classes have people I know and whats worse is that I get stuck with the same classes all year[unlike last year when my classes changed in Febuary].This is gonna be another shitty school year for me[adds Sad smiley].....

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    2. pritch


      I went to private school, in England. Dunno how to begin comaprisons so I never bothered.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      ravage said:

      You poor deluded soul. They'll fuck with you anyway, just to see just how far they can go.

      The vast majority of people won't, at least in my experience. The few that actually want to try something will go away if you just ignore them.

      Shit, both highschools i attended would call the police/parents if you ditched during the day. We didn't have commodities such as "open lunch hour" or anything. We couldn't leave school grounds, period.

      Technically, leaving school grounds is absolutely forbidden for us. Leaving school grounds during the day usually will result in a day or two of in-school suspension if you get caught, but you really have to suck at life to get caught. It's insanely easy to leave, especially during lunch or 8th period, even with the brand new security cameras they just installed last year which nobody actually watches. We leave all the time during lunch, hit Wendy's, and get back without anyone really noticing or caring.

    4. Amaster


      Off the record, we were allowed to leave school grounds, but officially it's disallowed here. However, no one ever said anything, regardless of how much time you spent hanging around outside.