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Everything posted by DoomDan

  1. It's not that, I don't think anyone is willing to shell out $500 for a console, especally when compared to the price of the Wii.
  2. DoomDan

    MGS VS. Splinter Cell series

    I perfer MGS, mainly because the story pretty much kept me interested throughout the whole game. On the other hand, I have never completed a Splinter Cell game [even though I own the original and Chaos Theory].
  3. DoomDan

    white n' nerdy

    Wierd Al is funny, but I rarely listen to his songs more then once.
  4. DoomDan

    Jackass: Number 2

    If thats the case then I'll go see it. There hasn't been a funny movie released in a while.
  5. DoomDan

    Post your game collections!

    http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/DoomDan/SchoolandGames009.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/DoomDan/SchoolandGames010.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/DoomDan/SchoolandGames013.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/DoomDan/Doom35.jpg
  6. DoomDan

    RtCW any good?

    Meh, The coop mode in the xbox one was pretty crappy anyway. The framerate was terrible and you can only play the levels you beat in single player mode.
  7. DoomDan

    RtCW any good?

    I enjoyed it, but I have the Xbox one. Not sure if the differences are big between the Xbox and PC one.
  8. Well, I once accidently left the PSX version of Final Doom on when I was sleeping. I think it was to the second map in the master levels [Virgil]. It gave me nightmares.
  9. DoomDan

    the doom movie

    I might see it out of sheer boredom tommorow with my friends. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be a good movie, though I was hoping it would be at least on par with Resident Evil Apocolypse.
  10. DoomDan

    Quake 4 - Fun!!

    How does this game compare to Doom 3? Is it even more of a hardware hog?
  11. DoomDan


    http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/doom3resurrectionofevil/preview_6134409.html?tag=boxcar_all_preview_headline I noticed that there is a flashligh attachment to the pistol now.
  12. DoomDan


    Are the extras only gonna be in a Collecters version like Doom 3, or will all the version's have them ??
  13. DoomDan

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    I didn't really find Doom 3 scary at all. The only game's that ever really got me scared are Silent Hill games
  14. You could still play Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 in Doom 3. Just get behind the machine and turn it on
  15. DoomDan

    Am I the only one who loved Final Doom?

    I Honestly like the level designs in Final Doom even more then Doom or Doom II.
  16. DoomDan

    Favorite Weapon

    Doom 3's BFG-9000
  17. DoomDan

    Doom 3 Super Shotgun

    So the Super Shotgun is more powerful then a Rocket Launcher??? Lame
  18. DoomDan

    xbox doom3

    For Doom 3, No.But you can play Doom I and II with Split Screen Co-op or Deathmatch.
  19. DoomDan

    xbox doom3

    I personally though Doom 3 was really long, although I still like the original Doom & Doom II better.Can't beat a classic [or Classics, in this case]. I wish I would of gotten the Limited Edition but I'm happy.
  20. DoomDan

    Doom 3 PS2?

    I hope Doom 3 does get ported to any of the new gen consoles.However, I doubt it will happen.
  21. DoomDan

    Xbox Collectors edition graphics

    If they would do that then they might as well put it on Xbox 2 since that system will be out by the time the game comes out.
  22. DoomDan

    xbox doom3

    I'm assuming thats only in Co-op since I beated the Guardian in the Single player mode and he's pretty much the same as in the PC version [Despite being easier]
  23. DoomDan

    Xbox Collectors edition graphics

    No.The original Doom and Doom II for Xbox look pretty much the same as the PC originals.I was hoping it would have the stuff that was in the PSX version but It's a straight port of the PC ones.
  24. Is it just me, or is the Chain Gun and Plasma Gun slower in the Xbox version??
  25. Yeah The Xbox version definitly has more enemies in it.I noticed that after you kill Vagary in the Xbox version you have to fight about 10 trites, don't remember that happening in the PC version.