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    Shaviro said no!
  1. PK4EVA

    New Prey video... booya!

    Anyway, I can imagine why it took so long for them to program this beast. Just watching the vids makes me go all funny inside. Yes, YES!! Innovate 2 impress.
  2. PK4EVA

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    Well, doesn't bashing Doom 3 have some suggestions for Doom 4 (it'll happen, just wait) as well? Like when someone says : "D3 uses too many cheap scare tactics!". I'd interpret this as : "D4 should use less of the cheap cat-scares and use more of the real-life psychological 'Silent Hill/System Shock 2' scariness".
  3. LoL Doom 3 IS the Doom remake ...
  4. PK4EVA

    Meets requirements but runs like crap

    My GF4 Ti4200 runs it ok-ish, looks like craperino but at least I can play it. It's definitely your vidcard. 9800 Pro's are going pretty cheap I heard.
  5. PK4EVA

    Whats The Story Behind Doom 3?

    Cool story, this should've been used as a draft for the movie ... :) PS : why are smilies off???
  6. PK4EVA

    Doom 3. scary?

    A PS to my previous post : why don't they make Silent Hill first person view only? Now THAT would be 200% SCARY. With the 3rd person view you can see your 6 o'clock and the fixed camera angle is FRUSTRATING, sometimes not even showing you what's in front of your character ...
  7. PK4EVA

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    I played it on a Ti4200. Maybe I should be more scared because of this? :) Seriously, it was scary in the beginning, but it kinda grew old pretty soon.
  8. PK4EVA

    New Prey video... booya!

    I wonder if this 3D-walking/portal hopping will get ppl so confused that they'll be pulling the finger on this 1 ...
  9. PK4EVA

    Doom 3. scary?

    Most scary stuff comes from what we can't see. Or stuff which we can hear but which doesn't exist. I've played a bit of D3, but enough to conclude that this game utilizes a lot of the "cat-jumping-out-of-the-closet"-scariness. They should've made it more psychologically scary, building a lot of atmosphere and then have it conclude to nothing : you expect something scary, but it doesn't appear. Now THAT is scary more than anything else imho. The Silent Hill games excell at this.
  10. PK4EVA

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    Who can't/won't play the game, because it's too tense/frightening/scary/frustrating? I can, but I'm waiting for the price to come down so I can buy 'em both.
  11. PK4EVA

    DOOM 3 patch is out

    Aaaaah, there's a Reznor sound pack with the music from the official trailer around? That music was SO K00L!! I haven't heard too much music in retail D3 ... Linkage please STAT! Thanx!!!
  12. PK4EVA

    Do Monsters in Doom 3 Fight each other??

    LoL, every time you save a D3-pic onto your hd, your browser should automatically do a 50% brightness increase. :D
  13. PK4EVA

    Doom Movie Question

    Bah, I bet it'll be like Indiana Jones (the Doom one), PG-13 stuff or something. They should do an NC-17 one if they had the balls, BUT they want the green ones so they'll have to tone stuff down for the kidz. Just like that ultra-tame Resident Evil movie. That's hardly horror anymore in my (blood red) book.
  14. PK4EVA

    Doom 3. scary?

    Hey I play Doom 3 for myself, not for me AND the neighbours! :D 1 scare I had was when a fatty, normal zombie and imp came at me, that was pretty tense. But as for the rest : jack-in-the-box, cat-out-of-the-closet type of scary, which I'm used to from watching zillions of horror movies.
  15. PK4EVA

    From D3 sceptic to D3 fan

    You know what would be pretty scary? If you were to be in a certain place, turn around and LITERALLY be face-to-face with a growling monster. This couldn't be done with regular scripting ofcourse, since the monster should appear right in front of you when you turn. Maybe one could create a "dynamic" script that would make the monster appear when you're within a certain area and keeping into account your X-Y-Z coordinates, placing the monster maybe 50 Z-coords from your viewpoint? Does this make sense at all? ;)