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  1. Rest in peace Scythe X :(
    Please return someday, or just say goodbye, but I don't think that's gonna ever happen...

  2. I hope you come back again some day, even just to say goodbye to the community <3

  3. half life 3 will probaly release before this guy finishes scythe x


    jokes aside what happened here? why ddi he stop posting on doomworld? does anyone know if he is still active somewhere else?

    1. El juancho

      El juancho

      He just got tired of doom i think

  4. Hey bro, just wanted to say, I love both of your Scythe wads and I hope you'll return with Scythe X completed one day

  5. I'll follow you even if you're off of this world. Until the prophecy is fulfilled... I'll follow you.

  6. I hope Erik returns one day and just releases like 5-10 maps in the style of Scythe 1. If there was ever a wad I wanted, this would be it!

  7. Deus Vult 2


    Back to Saturn X have returned.


    Can't wait for Scythe X to return.

    It had huge potential.

  8. I hope one day you come back and finish scythe X

  9. come back erik we need scythe x

  10. Erik

    3 WADs That Influenced You the Most

    In order: Dark Covenant (First public pwad I played, without this I would never started mapping seriously. Map07 heavily influenced Scythe maps29-30) Chord 3 (Best close-quarters gameplay, influenced a lot of my maps, for example Scythe2 map26) Eternal doom (Some of the most impressive maps ever for vanilla doom2 though gameplay is horrible at times)
  11. Erik

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe 2

    Just checking in to say thanks a lot to all of you for your playthroughs and comments, it means a lot to me. Thanks again.
  12. Erik

    New Doom map in editor shot.

    The detail/architecture is too detached from the walls imo.
  13. Erik

    Doom-like graphics

    it would be great if you compile those textures and upload them somewhere when they are finished, I m also interested.
  14. Erik

    Project announcement: Scythe X

    I just had to compile a new beta. Map11 and Map12 do not have music assigned to them as of now.
  15. Erik

    Project announcement: Scythe X

    Revenants will appear around map15.