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  1. In order: Dark Covenant (First public pwad I played, without this I would never started mapping seriously. Map07 heavily influenced Scythe maps29-30) Chord 3 (Best close-quarters gameplay, influenced a lot of my maps, for example Scythe2 map26) Eternal doom (Some of the most impressive maps ever for vanilla doom2 though gameplay is horrible at times)
  2. Erik

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe 2

    Just checking in to say thanks a lot to all of you for your playthroughs and comments, it means a lot to me. Thanks again.
  3. Erik

    New Doom map in editor shot.

    The detail/architecture is too detached from the walls imo.
  4. Erik

    Doom-like graphics

    it would be great if you compile those textures and upload them somewhere when they are finished, I m also interested.
  5. I just had to compile a new beta. Map11 and Map12 do not have music assigned to them as of now.
  6. Revenants will appear around map15.
  7. If you want to do music, email me and I will send you the current work in progress wad to give you an idea what you are composing for.
  8. Posting a screenshot of Scythe X episode 3.
  9. Progress report: MAP11 99% finished. MAP12 95% finished. Maps are getting larger and more difficult, both for me to construct and for the player to complete... MAP12:
  10. Erik

    What gamma level do you use?

    I usually use 0-1 for single player/coop and whatever is maximum in the port I use for deathmatch.
  11. I think I can point out which map is made by which author with 100% success.
  12. Played a bit further. map08 is great, good layout though it's paced rather slow. Kristian's ceiling architecture is very very nice though I dont approve of some of his repetetive wall detail that gets in the way. map09 is probably the weakest map so far except map01. map10 is also great, very creative though a bit overly symmetrical. map11 I like very much though the detail is somewhat low and the music a bit enervating. Good classic pwad style. Died on the red key cyber because I humped a pillar at the wrong time.
  13. I also like the map07 music very much. Sounds kinda video game retro which I really like.
  14. I played a bit more, both map06 and map07 are really cool.
  15. Played up to map05 where I died after the red door from chaingunners and quit for now. Looks promising.