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  1. Well, I am invloved in quite a few projects. And I am trying to make up a priority list somehow. In that process I made alist of the projects and rated their chances of making it (estimates).

    One bloody night ep2 - 20% progress or so, donated one map away and it's on hold, might be merged with scythe2. I give this project 20% chance of making it.

    Scythe2 (or whatever I will call it) - 2 maps done, maybe a couple of maps from my other projects will be incorporated into it, slow progress. I give this project 70% of making it, it will probably not be in full 32 map megawad form for the first release at least though.

    Europa 4 - renewed interest in this lately, I have lots of ideas and layouts drawn, interesting stuff. Also some pressure from Julian (heh). I give this 75% of making it.

    RTC - hmm, dunno what to say. I asked shaviro to show me the progress. It doesn't look too promising atm really, and I dont really feel like working on doomed projects :\ I give this about 25% chance of making it.

    Torn's doom1 megawad - mixed feelings here, torn insists that it will get done. Espi is doing most of the work and I am quite slow on my progress (I didn't make any official commitments to this though). I give this 50% chance of making it, and I hope it will.

    Millennium - too little info to actually make an estimate here, I really am confident in lut's ability though (I am as confident in Zaldron's lazyness though).

    plutonia 2 - lots of good maps here which are 100% finished (unlike rtc which has a ton of fragments which don't fit together at all). sam woodman is cool, but he seems to need somewhat of a reality check at times, if there still are more people than him involved I give this a good chance though to be out this year, 85% or so.

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    2. Leo Sosnine

      Leo Sosnine

      Erik said:
      Working name: Scythe X. 2 maps 100% done. 1 map 99% done. 1 map 5% done.

      Glad, that this thread has been reanimated, because we know now that scythe X is in progress. A dozen of years and we'll see what's in it. =)

      Cute project title choice. Scythe 3 would suck, however Scythe X is more intriguing!

    3. myk


      Leo Sosnine said:
      And I wonder how it could be possible at all, to retain gameplay, considering that original was a personal project of two (AFAIR) men (Milo Casali & Dario Casali ???), while sequel is a mix.

      The general idea was indeed retained yet made a bit more extreme or challenging. If you think about it, Plutonia itself retained the basic idea behind DOOM II (even mimicking some of its level design) while making it more extreme. The add-on does to Plutonia what Plutonia does to DOOM II. Naturally enough, personal design idiosyncrasies produce some differences, but that just means it's different in the way the movie Aliens is different from Alien.

      Looks more like a brand exploitation...

      The new team asked Dario directly if he felt the name and project were fine, and gave a thumbs-up. Saying it's brand exploitation is off track, in my opinion, considering all the Plutonia-inspired stuff it has, and the team even bothered to make it require Plutonia, ensuring that fans playing it had acquired the original. It was taken over by a group of people who love Plutonia, as well as action-packed, challenging play and demos of that stuff, like the Casali brothers did. That, plus TV, who had joined during the first part and who did some great work with the graphics, to further the Plutonian feel. The name was decided early on, and the team decided not to change it, but made sure to let the original authors know. If anything, keeping the name encouraged various sorts of Plutonia influence.

      Metabolist's version ripped resources from Plutonia and other sources rather arbitrarily, using DOOM II as the game, and had many levels with stuff and layouts that really had nothing to do with Plutonia, which were often more eclectic in general, when they didn't plain suck.

    4. Creaphis


      There's an inherent conundrum in the production of sequels of any sort. To make a successful sequel, you can't just redo what the first one did - you have to find some way to alter or expand upon it. Giving the audience exactly what it thinks it wants is a sure-fire path to mediocrity.